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Which of these would you want to read first?

Udyr versus Irelia 11 19.3%
Udyr versus Lee Sin 5 8.77%
Udyr versus the Wiles of Women 16 28.07%
The Formation of Pentakill (multi part story) 10 17.54%
Karthus' Lament 3 5.26%
Wukong and Ahri 14 24.56%
Mordekaiser's Choice 6 10.53%
Irelia and Zelos (a multi part story) 11 19.3%
A OC original story set in the LoL universe 9 15.79%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 57 .

G Viper's Side Story Center!

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Jimmy Noir

Senior Member


*Sheds manly tear*
AWESOME story. Gotta say, interesting interpretation of Udyr. I also like the whole celestial beast business, very creative! Also, this BLED Hokuto No Ken, which was what you intended, so good job, the Wha-Ta's really pulled that one through XD
It's cool to see another person's interpretation of Udyr, cause mine is a lot different, probably not as epic as yours tho! You'll see in the comic though :P

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Senior Member


GV, if you don't mind, I'm going to ask a favor on your thread.

Jimmy Noir, you're a good artist. How are you at drawing, say, Riven...?

Asking becuase I'm working on a fanfic, and in one scene, Riven deals a uppercut to me and knocks me out cold. I just think it'd be a funny attachment when I finally post it.

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Jimmy Noir

Senior Member


Riven = human = Easier to draw then 99.9% of all other lol characters
Ya, sounds lolz worthy indeed
I'll probably draw it but no promises. But your allowed to get your hopes up :3

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Grand Viper

Senior Member


New short story! Wukong and Ahri! There may be a problem here and there, I'll come back to it and fix it as the days go by. Now back to planning chapter 6, hoo boy it's becoming a doozy.


There is SOME nudity, it is tasteful though and nothing explicit happens. This is a forewarning, this is technically a PG 13+ story because of this though! Just a warning! One more time! *Warning*, some tasteful nudity!

Wukong and Ahri

The forests were a second home to him. A blur flew through the forestry, leaping from branch to branch with ease. The blur stopped, and his form was revealed. A human-sized monkey rested on a tree branch, grabbing a handful of nuts. His attire was a modified Ionian foot soldier’s armor. Large fingerless gauntlets, a pair of large smooth shoulder pads held by a plate exposing his furry chest, a leg length cloth tasset wrapped his waist and over a pair of armored light chausses. All of these were ruby colored outlined by gold, the same color as his shifty eyes. A long sheath was slung across his back; a bright red stick peeked out of it.

Crushing the walnuts in his grip he greedily devoured them. He licked his lips, he was still hungry but he was more tired. Training with his master was hard that morning. He could still feel the bruises from the regiment. He went back to swinging from branch to branch, knowing his destination. A pair of golden speckled eyes followed him, a crafty smile curled.

He propelled himself at incredible speeds, coming near to his location. With one final swing he leapt to the sky, no more trees to grab onto. Water was rushing at him and quickly. Flipping in mid-air he continued his descent until he was nearly touching the water. A cloud suddenly appeared underneath him, carrying him an inch from the lake’s surface. He lay back on the cloud, staring at the sunny skies. He dipped his hand into the water, a chill shivered through him. Nice and cold. He cupped his hand and sipped at the water, refreshing. Smacking his lips he lazily drifted on over the lake. A pair of golden eyes stared at him, the crafty grin still there.

The monkey was almost asleep when he felt a sudden surge of energy rush underneath him. His cloud dissipated, causing him to fall into the water. He thrashed in the lake, sputtering chilly water left and right. He heard the faintest giggle and saw the rustle of a bush. No one tricks a trickster. He energetically swam towards the shore, he saw something white peek out from a bush. He found his quarry. He swam faster, reaching the shore in mere moments. Completely drenched from head to toe he catapulted himself into the bush. There was nothing there.

He chattered his teeth in annoyance and from cold when he smelled a beautiful fragrance. He looked around, the aroma was unbearable. He licked his lips, following the smell blindly. Whatever it was, he wanted it. He parted some shrubbery aside and lo and behold the source of the smell: The world’s largest fuzzy peach. It shook itself at him tauntingly, he could not resist. Leaping forward he grabbed onto the peach and opened his jaw wide. A surprised feminine voice sputtered from the peach, “W-what?! Waitnodon’t-“

He bit down, hard. A shriek filled the air, and the monkey snapped back to his senses. He was biting into a mouthful of white fur. Another eight tails nearly speared his eyes as the voice kept screaming in pain. He spat out the hair, wiping his tongue of the fur that he previously was chewing on. “Gah! Ow ow ow!! Ow! What’s wrong with you?! Ow!”

He looked at the source of the voice, still spitting hair out. It was an odd looking woman. She had a pair of black fox ears and long obsidian hair. Her golden speckled eyes had catlike irises. She wore a short kimono which accentuated her large breasts and wide hips. He barely noticed the pair of red laced sandals and white socks. She looked deceptively human, save for the eyes, the ears, and the nine snowy tails that stretched from underneath her skirt. He spat out the remaining hair, “Hey…you’re not a peach.”

She was dumbstruck, “I’m not a what?”

The monkey pointed at her accusingly, “You’re not a peach! What’s the deal with that?!”

The woman gingerly rubbed her tail, “Your deepest desire is a peach?!”

The monkey was in a huff, stretching his arms out wide, “Not just a peach! The world’s largest fuzzy peach! It was gargantuan! It looked so juicy! And then I get you, thanks for that!”

The woman cocked her head, “What’s wrong with me?”

Shrugging his shoulders, the monkey replied, “No offense, but yer kinda ugly. Maybe if you had more hair and bigger forearms. Look at those things, they’re so tiny.”

A shocked look spread across her face, “You don’t find me attractive?”

He shrugged again, “Am I supposed to?”

She traced her body with her hands, “Not even a little?”

“Nope. Your memory’s gotta be a little fuzzy, I wanted a peach, not you.”

The fox woman pouted her lip, “Now you’ve gone and hurt my feelings.”

She turned around started to cry. The monkey rolled his eyes, counting the seconds. Three minutes later she spun back and glared at him, “Oh come on! You’re not even going to try and comfort me?”

“Nope. You done yet? I got some major nappin’ to catch up on.”

She sighed and sank to the ground. She started laughing, a devilish glint in her eyes, “What’s your name, monkey boy?”

He puffed his chest out, “I am Wukong! Student of Master Yi of the Wuju style! I’m going to be the strongest there ever is!”

Wukong lifted his entire body with a single finger, holding himself in place. He playfully shrieked after flipping in the air and landed on his feet. “And I suppose I should ask what your name is.”

He turned around and walked away, the woman threw her hands up in frustration. “Well? Aren’t you going to ask?”

“Nope! Said I should, not that I would!” He threw a cheeky smile at her and leapt back into the forest.

He thought he goaded her well enough. He stopped running for a moment, his ears trying to pick up a sound. Not a rustle, not a step could be heard. He frowned; he thought he had someone to tease. Suddenly from above the fox woman softly landed, her eyes glinting with predatory shine. Wukong retorted with a smirk and leapt into the trees. “Oh no monkey boy, you’re mine.”

Ten minutes of leading the fox woman on a wild goose chase later, Wukong enacted his plan. He skidded in mid run, rolled underneath the leaping woman and headed towards a small, narrow Cliffside. He plucked a single hair off his chest. He walked to the edge of it, peering down revealed it was a mere fifteen foot drop. He turned back around and saw the woman burst from the foliage. She pointed at him, “Nowhere to run, monkey boy! And don’t even think about using that cloud!”

Wukong shrugged his shoulders, “No need. I can get away with or without it.”

She crouched to the floor, slowly making her way to him on all fours. She was strange, looking like a human but acting like a fox. Wukong’s cheeky grin was still plastered on his face, he twitched towards her. He was about jump over her when she changed trajectories, catching him in midair. “Gotcha!”

Wukong disappeared in a puff of smoke, a single hair breezed past her. The woman was confused as she sailed over the edge of the cliff. Halfway down she saw Wukong sitting on his staff, it had elongated itself into a ridiculous length. With the same cheeky smile still on his face he waved at her as she fell past him into the deep water. The sound of water splashing was heard, and he burst out laughing. “Eye for an eye, girly! Never trick the trickster!”

She came out of the water, sputtering for air, she thrashed about feebly. He looked at her, somewhat concerned. A thought crossed his mind; foxes were reasonably good at swimming. He had heard that some humans couldn’t swim, probably the stupid ones but hey he’s not judging. She’s part fox, part human. So if she was a decent swimmer as a fox, and a not a swimmer as a human then that meant…That definitely meant she was a shoddy swimmer at most according to his infallible math. She dipped into the water once more. It was then he fully realized she wasn’t joking.

His staff shortened itself and as he sheathed it, diving into the water. He grabbed the woman’s waist and started swimming towards shore. She sputtered out water, “W-what took you so long?!”

He cast a cocky look at her, “I thought those balloons of yours would keep you afloat. Guess not!”

“Oh shut up.” She grumbled as she spat out more water.

They eventually reached the shore. Wukong dragged her onto the sand. She coughed up more water, she was completely drenched. Her kimono clung tightly to her skin, leaving what little there was to the imagination nothing at all. He scratched his chin, “So, you can’t swim?”

She blushed lightly, “Not…really. Not in this body. The hands are so big and clumsy sometimes.”

Wukong cocked his head, “Not in this body? Whatcha mean?”

She laughed as she twisted her hair, expelling the water, “I didn’t always look like this. I used to be a fox.”

“I would have never guessed.” Wukong chittered sarcastically.

She scowled at him as she attempted to dry her first of many tails. He got to his feet, threw his staff on the ground and disappeared into the woods before she could question him. She puffed her cheeks out in frustration; He throws her into a lake then promptly leaves her here alone. What an annoying little son of a… Then she realized she had essentially done the same thing to him. She sighed as she attempted to dry her second tail, the rustle of bushes pricked her ears and Wukong returned.

He carried a bunch of branches, logs and rocks in hand, waltzed over to her and threw them on the ground. He took a few steps to the side and started digging at the ground enthusiastically. Shoveling the sand as quickly as he could he dug a pit. He lined it with most of the rocks and threw the wood in. He had a few small logs next to him, they had white bark. He stripped them off and made a square within the pit. Grabbing two rocks he cracked them against one another. One crumbled in his hand, he burst out laughing, “Wrong one!”

He grabbed another rock, sniffed it, than licked it. He drew back, “Right one.”

He cracked the two rocks against one another once more. Sparks flew out with every strike. A fire eventually roared to life as he cracked the rocks, puffed at the growing embers, cracked the rocks again, and puffed more. He looked at the fox woman, “Come, come! It’s a nice fire, it’ll help dry you up!”

She inched closer, looking at him warily. He raised his hands defensively, “No tricks, it’s a fire. Come on, don’t be such a sourpuss.”

She scowled once more and inched closer. Wukong got up and shook the water from his fur to the best of his ability. She drew back, trying to deflect the incoming water. He glanced at her, “So! What’s your name?”

She looked at him; a smile crept on his face once more as she responded, “I’m Ahri.”

Wukong had more sticks beside him, he arranged them to look like a rack. He glanced at her, “Hey Ahri, your clothes ain’t gonna dry like that. Put them on the rack.”

Before she could respond his armor clanked off of him, he was busy undoing his pants when she stopped him, “Wait! What are you doing? I’m not…I don’t…Why are you taking off your pants?”

Wukong cocked an eye at her, “What am I doing…? Oh! The clothing! Yeah, I only wear it when I need to.”

The armor pieces crashed to the ground, they had to weigh over a hundred kilograms easily. The cloth parts he stretched across the rack, he was completely naked. She looked down, expecting to see a little monkey. He shook his rear end at her, “Nice and firm, eh? That’s what you need.”

She broke out laughing, “How can you strip naked in front of me?”

“Naked? What?” Wukong looked confused.

Ahri pointed at him, “Not…wearing clothing. That’s being naked.”

Wukong mouthed his understanding, “Yeah, that’s human stuff. Makes them feel comfortable so I wear it with them.”

“I am human!” Ahri snarled at him.

He raised his hands defensively, “Yeaaaah…we’ll talk about that in a bit. What’d ya like to eat?”

She puffed her cheeks out, “Fox stuff: Squirrels, mice, chipmunks, snakes, fruits.” And souls. But she did not feel like she had to add that part in. She was trying to get over that craving.

Wukong looked around, “Mhm, that means hours of hunting. Not in the mood for that. You like fish?”

Before she could respond he ran towards the lake, leaping headfirst. He promptly rose up from the water, grabbing his head in pain. He had leapt in the shallow part of the lake. She broke out in a fit of giggles; another cheeky smile was thrown to her as he dove once more. She brought her knees up to her chest, thinking what she had said. She wanted to be human; she wanted to be human so much.

A few minutes later Wukong remerged, two large trout were in his hands while a bass was in his mouth. He walked over to her, completely drenched. He threw one of the fish at her, she caught it despite its attempts to flip flop everywhere. He bent down and grabbed a pointed stick, and shoved the bass onto it. He rested the stick near the fire, letting it cook as he shoved the other trout onto yet another stick. He was about to ask her for the last trout when he heard the sound of crunching.

She already devoured half of the fish, the gore trailing on her chin. Wukong burst out laughing, “You act like you never ate! Hoo!”

Ahri put the rest of the fish away, swallowed whatever was left in her mouth and blushed sheepishly, “I didn’t eat for a few days. That’s why I was trying to lure you.”

Wukong raised an eyebrow, “Scuse me?”

“Ah…I’m trying to stop it but if I don’t eat for a few days I…sort of fall into old habits. You see, I can lure people with their deepest desires with aroma and sight. And your life energy looked good, I just wanted a little! Not much, just a bit to satiate the hunger, not that I’m that hungry but…” She became increasingly defensive.

Wukong shrugged, “You wanted a taste? You shoulda just asked. Here you go.”

He stuck his tail her face, she sneezed from its bushiness. “Come on, just a nibble, hurry it up. This is gonna hurt me a lot more than you.”

Ahri looked at him, then at the tail, then back at him. She chomped down on it, causing him to yelp. Little did she know he was simply acting, he barely felt pain anymore. His body naturally repelled most attacks as if it were stone, sometimes he thought it was. He looked at her, “Happy? That enough essence?”

She sighed, shaking her head wearily. At least he is too dumb to realize what she had meant, “I…suppose. Can you put pants on now, please?”

“No way. I’m not with humans, no reason to.”

Ahri growled at him, “I told you, I am human!”

Wukong condescendingly howled in laughter, “Oh really! What makes you human?”

She drew back, trying to find the words. “Well…uh...I can speak in human tongue unlike most animals.”

Wukong pointed at himself, “Ook, ook. Me no speak good Common tongue. This Common tongue, or language, came from the most prolific words exhibited in most modern languages and simply converged into one language that could be understood by all, despite other languages existing in different cultures.”

Ahri frowned, trying to find reasoning. “I…I am sentient. I know that I exist.”

Wukong pinched himself, “Hey look at that! I do too!”

Before she could say anything else he interrupted her, “And I got opposable thumbs, and I got fur like you. Much more than you, but hair, fur, same thing. I also got emotions, but I’m not human in the slightest sense! How many other champions have you met? How many of them are human? How many of them exhibit these same things? What else do you got that you think only humans have?”

“…I also have a conscience.” She bowed her head. He could sense her sadness, as if she had done something terrible and he had brought it up.

He hopped over, patting her shoulder, “Hey, I do too. Otherwise I’d have let you drown in the lake. You interrupted my nap after all, you would kinda deserve it. Now that I think about it…”

Ahri looked at him, her eyes teary, “Then what am I? If I’m not a fox, if I’m not a human…then what am I? Am I a monster?”

Wukong scratched his chin before slowly responding,

“Well, no. You’re mortal. You’re the same as before, but you just think and realize more. Just subtle differences really. It’s hard to explain, I mean, I was born this way. My family can barely form syllables past grunts and monkey speech. Besides, why do you care so much about bein’ a human? Master Yi once told me you are what you wish to be. Do you want to be human? What’s so great about that? You want to look human?”

Ahri was about to respond when Wukong continued his speech,

“Why? You look fine to me, why change yourself if you don’t wanna? If you want to look human and wear clothing then sure, go for it. You can’t think like a human cause there’s no clear definition for humanity, so you think like yourself. If you don’t want to do stuff and do it just so you can fit in better, that’s stupid. I mean, look at me! I wear pants, sure, but I don’t completely despise them! They got pockets and all these uses, I just don’t like wearin’ them all the time. With that in mind, being yourself is probably the hardest thing you can do, but it’s fun! It’s fulfilling! You want to think stuff and have a conscience or whatever? Go for it! You wanna wear pants today? Sure thing! It’s your life; choose how you want to live it! Don’t feel bad for wanting to live the way you want!”

“…I thought you said I was ugly?” A playful glint now shone in her eyes.

Wukong’s mirth did not disappear, “Hey, I was comparing you to the world’s largest peach. Nothin’s gonna beat that. ‘cept maybe the world’s largest banana. Mm…nah, peach is definitely better.”

He pulled the fish from the fire, offering her the cooked trout. “Give it a try, it tastes pretty good!”

Ahri bit into the fish, she drew back in surprise. It was pretty good. Wukong pointed at her, “Your clothes are still wet. And it’s a bit chilly outside.”

She slowly came to the realization he had been hinting at, and whipped her kimono off. This was promptly followed by her underwear. She walked over to the handmade rack and laid them both across. Wukong chittered excitedly, “See? Much better! Clothing always bothers my tail. It’s so stupid that there’s a hole in my pants to poke it through. It’s a tiny hole for a big tail, I gotta fix that.”

“I don’t have that problem; my dress gives my tails room.”

Wukong chuckled, “That’s what you think. They ride your skirt up pretty high, I knew from the getgo you got yourself a decent butt.”

She glared at him, and then broke out laughing. She sat next to him, nibbling into the fish. She sighed and looked up to the sky, “It’s strange. I feel comfortable. When I first started transforming, I used to run wild and free. Then I needed to integrate with humans more, so I became comfortable with their traditional clothing and their usage. Even their meaning.”

Wukong shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t see the big problem, it’s just extra stuff to lug around. For some I can understand. It’s a status symbol, like Udyr. He wears all those pelts and that dress cause he looks bad ass with it. That one chick with all those swords wears the armor ‘cause it was given to her by her friends. Makes sense! With me, it’s to show I’m a student of the great Wuju master. I still take the stuff off when I wanna relax, but he got me the armor to commemorate my initiation... Heeey, is that what you meant about wearing clothing?”

She sat back, a thoughtful expression spread across her face. “I…suppose it is. I guess it’s to show how I’ve changed.”

Wukong chittered, “A fair enough reason! I won’t bother you anymore ‘bout it then! You can put it back on whenever you want!”

Ahri smirked at him playfully, “Oh? I think I’ll keep the clothing off, don’t you know what can be done without clothing, do you?”

Wukong pouted his lower lip, “Mmm, pretty much the same that can be done with clothing on. Why do you act like that?”

Ahri became startled, he continued, “Why do keep up the act?”

It was just…reaction. Just how she acted to others and how they reacted to her. She had never been put in a position like this, most men and some women would simply fawn over her, especially after saying something like that. Well, that and also the fact she was naked. “Ah…what act?”

“That…creepy thing you do. It’s not natural. You were good and relaxed for a few moments, than put the act back up. Relax, it’s lunch, not a wrestling match.”

Wukong bit into his fish, tearing off a large piece. “Just be yourself. Don’t be a human, don’t be a fox, don’t be what you think others should see ya be. You’re much better when you’re yourself.”

Ahri looked at the crackling fire before her, what a strange thing for someone to say. Be yourself. They sat in silence while they ate, than simply looked at the fire. She dozed off within moments and fell asleep. An hour later she woke up, Wukong was snoring loudly. She grinned evilly, grabbing his staff’s sheath. After rummaging with it, she fell back to sleep.

An hour after that, Wukong woke up. He looked at her, her chest lifted and lowered lightly with each quiet breath she took. He plucked several hairs from his chest and walked over to the clothing rack. This was going to be hilarious.

A couple hours after that Ahri woke up to the sound of rustling armor. Wukong was already awake and putting the final clasps on his armor, “Well! I ate, I napped and I met a new friend! Catch ya later Ahri!”

Wukong grabbed his armor and clasped it back on, she looked at him strangely. “Where are you off to?”

“I gotta meet up with the Master, and some of his colleagues. Supposed to be a lot of talking about stuff and…other…things.... I kinda stopped paying attention halfway through the explanation. Point is, I need to go, or else.” He clasped his belt as his final piece of clothing.

Ahri laughed, narrowing her eyes, “Will we meet again, monkey boy?”

He stuck his tongue at her, “Only if you can catch me!”

With Wukong disappearing into the darkening woods, Ahri reclined back into the sand. She looked up at the sun setting in the sky, she felt content. Happy. She had been so accustomed to humans and their meanings she forgot what fun it was to be a little primal. What makes a human, a human? She was happy with whom she was, and though she had committed a sin or two she was fine. She was trying to make reparations. With that said, maybe she should embrace both sides of her, the animal and the human. No need for masks.

She walked over to the clothing rack and grabbed at her clothing, they disappeared in a puff of smoke. Her mouth was agape with shock, a few strands of his hair fell to the sand. She picked them up, smelling them. She smiled mischievously; oh they would most definitely meet again. Not only did she now have his scent, he would not let her have the last laugh. But first thing’s first, where did the little jerk put her clothing?

“What is that peculiar smell?” A man’s voice was tinged by disgust.

Wukong cocked his head, “What? What smell?”

A woman with two kamas walked over and smelled Wukong, “The source is from your student, Yi.”

“No way! I took a bath! You’re crazy!” Wukong was clearly annoyed.

His master turned to him, “Wukong, the odor is most definitely coming from your sheath. The smell of blood, death and…fish?”

Wukong chittered angrily, turned his sheath upside down and half a bloodied trout spilled out, entrails and all. Everyone fell silent, and the only sound that permeated the air was Wukong’s own laughter.

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Senior Member


Lul. So funny.

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Grand Viper

Senior Member


The next story I'm writing is Irelia versus Udyr. It's almost done to say the least! I'm sorry about not looking at the poll earlier and I had written Wukong and Ahri prior. I'm actually not sure if I should release the Irelia versus Udyr one quite yet strictly because then I'll have run out of all my Udyr stories I promised. I have a lot more short stories I have come up with in the meantime.

For these new short stories I will be posting a new short story center, in which I will reorganize ALL of these short stories into a single place and a new poll will be made!

These new short stories will have and feature: Leona, Graves, Pantheon, Caitlyn, Orianna, Blitzcrank, Cho 'gath and Nocturne. That is all I managed to concoct so far but I may come up with more! If you have any requests as to who I should write a story about, feel free to post!

I'm also vaguely aware as to how much people like Udyr, so I will try to concoct another story or two with him. I also really, really enjoy writing him.

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Senior Member


Ahri Wu story was good! Keep em up G V

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Grand Viper

Senior Member


Here's Irelia versus Udyr! It's only now that I realized that I tend to write somewhat dramatic, because I tend to write a lot of the more serious characters like Irelia, Udyr. I had a lot of fun writing Wukong and Ahri (Despite the semi serious issues I did address). I can't wait to write my first purely comedic story. With that out of the way, these dramatic short stories are part of a bigger thing I will announce after I'm done the first batch. On to the story!

(I really need to think of better titles)

Irelia versus Udyr

Part 1/2

“Uncle? Uncle! Where are you Uncle?!”


“Hm? Oh! What are you two doing here? The sun is only setting, is something the matter? It is not dinner time yet. I will get started on it right away, I’m already late and your mothers do not need an excuse to have me hung for such a crime. So what did you two do today?”

“We went exploring! Mom said not to go too far, but we found this really cool cave and we got curious and-”

“Nevira, he cannot understand you if you speak so quickly. Calm yourself.”


“Slow down and speak, do not rush your words. We found a cave, and it was breath-taking. We thought it was a bear cave, but-”

“But there were snakes and we saw them it and you caught one and I caught another and-!”

“Oh ho ho, you really are your mother’s daughter. And you remind me so much of your father.”

“Uncle...after dinner, maybe, I wish to request, that is, I would like…I would enjoy if you may perhaps be able-”

“Can you tell us a story?!”


“What? You were taking too long!”

“Nuh uh!”

“Yah huh!”

“Children, soothe yourself. You would like to hear a story after dinner? Alright, which story would you like to hear? Would you like to hear the creation of Valoran? Or perhaps how our little island of Ionia came to be?”

“Mmm, nah!”

“No thank you, Uncle.”

“Hm…how about the Celestial animals and their millennium feast? Maybe you wish to hear about our prestigious allies the Noxians and the Demacians?”

“Heard them! Uncle, stoooop plaaaying with uuuus!”

“Ha ha ha, alright. What story do you want to hear little ones?”

“Hm…How about-”

“One for both of us!”

“Nevira, let me finish my sentence!”

“Opps! Sorry! What were you gonna say?”

“…Could you tell us one that we could both enjoy?”

“Hah! Copy cat!”


“Sorry Uncle.”

“A story for both of you? Hm…Alright. I got one.”

This story starts over a decade ago…

This was a time when Ionians and Noxians were deep-seated enemies, long before their alliance, long before the reformations took place and long before the thwarted apocalypse. Ionia versus Noxus: the Rematch. This was how it was trumpeted. Seven years before this match there was a previous one held, it was between the Ionians and the Noxians of course. There was a brutal war that had taken place a few years prior and the Ionians drove out most of the Noxians out of their homeland. The Noxians had struck first, attempting to take over the peace loving Ionians but were driven out.

Unfortunately the Noxians had conquered the southern beaches of Ionia, claiming it theirs. The Ionians wished for this land back, and challenged the Noxians. They happily accepted, on the terms they would be granted the territory officially if they had won. Using underhanded tactics, the Noxians won the first match and the Ionians conceded defeat. The Ionians living there continued to live in brutal conditions under the Noxian dictatorship that had formulated. No one tried to stand up for their rights, that is until two very beautiful and very intelligent women tried to move the people.

The first was Karma, the Enlightened One. She was able to move people’s hearts and soothe their minds with her grace, her intellectual vernacular and her insight was considered superhuman. Her dearest and closest friend was Irelia, the Will of the Blades. She was responsible for the Ionian victory against the Noxians when she was only a child, and she was why the Noxians had lost the war. She was a strong child who only grew stronger with age, her determination and her will made her the exemplar of Ionian virtue.

Alas, not even they could move the Ionians nor the League into another match with the Noxians. The Noxians legally had won, and the League, just like with the Ionian war, decided to remain passive. The deal was for fifteen years to pass before an appeal could be made, but the plight of the Ionians under the rule of the Noxians was too loud to be ignored by the compassionate. Karma lost some hope while Irelia tirelessly tried to invigorate her people.

That was when a monk came to the Lotus Garden in the Palace of the Ionian Elders. With his own will he set himself aflame, refusing to move, refusing to eat or to drink until the League was forced to discuss terms. He had spent several weeks in the garden, not flinching from the flames nor complaining of the pain or lack of sustenance. His protest worked, and the rematch was to be had. Alas, he had a very dangerous and very powerful friend whom mourned for the pain the monk had gone through, for the monk had lost his sight in exchange for his successful protest. He had seen the monk speak to Irelia, who congratulated him for doing such a noble deed. And this, this is where our story begins.

A robed man walked briskly towards a crimson armored woman, she was standing at the podium. Her long dark hair seemed to levitate itself alongside her colossal sword, hanging in midair. The man brushed himself off and muttered to her, “Lady Irelia, are you ready to announce who is to be chosen in the match? The Noxians have already chosen, and Du Coteau has already made her statement.”

Irelia looked at the man, she was very serious in her demeanor, “Yes. I am ready to announce. When will we be going live?”

“In two minutes. Remember, chin up.” The man motioned with his hand.

Irelia coldly regarded him, “My chin is always up, Summoner Horatio.”

He nodded, motioning to her how much time remained. The Ionian crowd was at her feet, ready to hear her every word. She brushed her armor off and whipped any loose strand of hair behind her back. Karma was busy with the bureaucratic and political jargon, filling forms and that sort of nonsense. Irelia wished her friend could be here, but alas. Time for the address,

“Fellow Ionians! Today is a great day, for it is this day that we are officially granted the chance to take back what is ours!”

Cheers bellowed out from the entire crowd, save for one man. Irelia began the meat of the speech,

“We have had many volunteers from all across Valoran to represent us in the upcoming match! But alas, we could not choose them all! We had decided upon six Ionians and two allies and two neutrals to represent us in this battle! The Ionians were chosen after much deliberation and debating! They are as follows: Myself, my dear friend Soraka, my comrade Master Yi and all three members of the Kinkou ninjas! The honorable Shen, Akali and Kennen will be participating! In regards to our allies who wished to participate but were not chosen, please do not think ill of us! We made our choices strictly on variety and flexibility for team compositions!”

More cheering from the crowd came forth, all except one man. Irelia continued,

“Our allies chosen are as follows: For our neutral party we have Amumu the beloved Mummy and Ezreal the Prodigal Adventurer from Piltover. Our allies are Queen Ashe of the Freljord and-”

A loud voice tore through the crowd, silencing everyone, “And us!”

Irelia glared at the man, the crowd parted to make way for him. His grizzled beard, his numerous pelts hanging off his shoulders and his black gi were a dead giveaway: It was Udyr. He spoke up once more, “We will participate in this rematch!”

The crowd murmured to one another, they were terrified of the legendary beast man. He was said to be able to crack mountains with his fists, that his heart was as black as coal itself. He had no love or care in the world save for the ever wanting need to kill. He had declined himself as an Ionian numerous times in the past, and refused to help the Ionians in disputes. Irelia called out to him, “And why would you, Udyr, wish to participate? You will upset our balance, you have declared yourself not to be Ionian and we have no more room for neutral champions.”

“Then we are one of your allies.” Udyr flatly stated.

Irelia retorted back, “That is not possible, it has already been decided. If you wished to participate you should have applied. I am sorry Udyr, but you may not join this fight. It does not concern you.”

Udyr broke out laughing, leaping up onto the podium. He stared Irelia dead in the eyes, “That is where you are wrong. This concerns us most gravely. And you would be a complete and utter fool to not take our strength in this matter. Am I not right, Ionian people?”

The Ionians murmured to one another, Irelia swore inwardly. He had just insulted her in front of the crowd, if she agreed she would look as if she was easily swayed. If she did not, then she would look callous. “You wish to partake in this match, Udyr?”

“Yes. We do.”

“That is not up to me. That will be up to the Ionian people. Ionians! Do you wish for Udyr to be our final chosen?” Irelia looked at the crowd, dead silence fell upon them.

She waited for a few moments, then turned to tell Udyr her decision when he regarded the crowd. His aura changed, he spread his hands out and flames shot out. They wreathed around him, spreading out like the wings of the mighty Phoenix. “Ionians! Do you tell us you do not wish for the strength of nature itself to aid you?! Do you tell us you do not wish for the heavens themselves to reclaim your territory?! Speak!”

The crowd roared into a frenzy, he smugly smirked at Irelia, “They have chosen. Announce it.”

Irelia clicked her tongue at first, than relaxed. She turned to the crowd, “Ionians! Meet your final champion: Udyr, the Animal Spirit! Let his strength shatter our enemies!”

Udyr laughed to himself, his strength was going to shatter his enemy. He would have his vengeance.

The match was scheduled a week after this day, and Irelia constantly conferred with every champion save for Udyr. He had refused to make any appearances or communication with his fellow champion. He acted as he always, rarely seen unless there was a fight to be had. It was on the sixth night when he revealed his true intention.

Irelia stretched her limbs for a moonlit stroll. Her match was in the morning. It was her, Amumu, Kennen, Ashe and her friend Soraka versus the Noxians. They had chosen Morgana the Fallen Angel, Miss Fortune the Bounty Hunter, Singed the Mad Chemist, Sion the Undead Warrior and Vladimir the Hemomancer. It would be a tough fight, but she met any challenge head on. A loud thundering erupted behind her; she spun and saw Udyr leap at her.

She barely dodged the fist that flew, he chuckled, “You will be able to put up a decent fight, swordswoman. Come.”

“Udyr. You make such a big deal then you don’t show up. What do you think you’re doing?” Irelia was clearly annoyed with him.

Udyr faced her, a wave of acrid heat washed over Irelia, “We wish vengeance on you. You will fight us.”

Irelia sarcastically laughed at him, “Funny! You want vengeance! How about you take your petty vengeance out on me tomorrow evening? I have a match to fight in a few hours. Good night.”

She turned away from him and started to walk away. She felt a vice grip grab her shoulder, she heaved him over her head and dashed away from him. He landed easily on his feet, stretching his muscles. She became more abrasive,

“Go away Udyr. You tried to embarrass me in front of all of Ionia and then you do embarrass me when you do not even show for a single meeting. I have too much at stake tomorrow morning to pander to you and your inane stupidity. Good. Night.”

“You will pay for what you did.” Udyr clenched his fists, “It is because of you that he will never see again.”

Irelia was taken back, “It is because of me that…Wait, you mean Master Lee?”

A fist struck her in her stomach, sending her catapulting through the air. Her sword raced after her and barely caught her before she struck the ground. She coughed from the force, she felt a presence approaching. North, no, West, no…South West. Fifty meters. Ten meters. Now.

Irelia caught the hand that attempted to grapple her from behind, she felt Udyr’s wrist snap from the forceful twist she gave him. “Enough Udyr! I will hurt you if I have to!”

“And we will kill you!” Udyr leapt at Irelia, his hand snapped back into place.

Irelia blocked his incoming strike with her colossal sword, the metal vibrated from the strike. With a swish of her finger the colossal blade split apart into four distinct swords, ki energy blitzing between them. “Fine.”

Irelia raced forward, her blades flew away from her. Udyr attempted to strike Irelia when she curved out of the way of his fist. He widened his eyes, that was impossible, it looked like she predicted his strike. His body erupted in a fountain of blood, the blades dug themselves deep into him. Irelia did not waste time, she swept his feet from underneath him and slammed him to the earth. “Give up, you have lost.”

Udyr was stunned, he had never been thrown around like that so effortlessly…not in years. He got back to his feet, the blades still embedded in him. The blood flow seemed to stem and completely stop despite the blades still embedded in him. Irelia twitched her hand towards her swords, they refused to budge. Udyr smiled at her, “What now, girl? What will you do without your swords?”

Irelia grinned, “Adorable. You think I rely on my swords, hm? Let’s see what you have to offer, beast man.”

Udyr dashed to Irelia only to have her disappear. A solid crack across the face threw him off his feet, he spun to try and face his attacker only to be struck in the gut. She was fast, she was strong. And she was right behind him, Udyr turned in time and caught the devastating axe kick that would have easily shattered his skull. She managed to use Udyr’s own staunch bodyweight as leverage, lifting herself up and above him, safely landing several feet away. Udyr was astonished, “Tell me, Irelia, what is your name?”

Irelia frowned, “…You just said it.”

“No. Your full name. What is it?” Udyr was genuinely interested. Strange, Irelia decided to humour him. “My name is Irelia Lito, Captain of the-”

Udyr interrupted her, “Lito? You are the daughter of Master Lito?”

Udyr broke out laughing, Irelia scowled at him as he finished his mirth, “That explains your speed, your power, your technique! We had thought you were more meat on the block, but no. This changes everything. We shall try against you, and we shall kill you, daughter or not of the great Master Lito.”

“What do you know of my father?” Irelia watched as Udyr tore her swords out of his body, surprisingly no blood flowed.

Udyr bowed his head, “Master Lito, master of the Hiten style of swordsmanship, leader of the Nightblade clan. His motto was, ‘the sword is only an extension of the fist.’ His art was the most guarded secret in Ionia, everyone all over Valoran wished to learn the art to no avail. He is also the only one to master the Void Body Technique. Able to move at speeds even the Kinkou envy, he was the greatest warrior ever to live. We should know, we had seen him fight.”

Irelia became wide eyed for a moment before her stern look returned, “You saw him fight? That had to be years ago.”

Udyr recalled the chance meeting,

“He visited the Hirana monastery many years ago, when we were quite young. He was simply visiting an old friend, my master. We were there and we had asked Lito was capable of. He told me he was capable of anything and everything a human being is capable of. We scoffed at him at the time, thinking he was a senile fool. Later that evening my master invited me to watch some sparring with the elder monks. The last spar was my master and Lito. My master, who had soundlessly defeated almost my entire life, was defeated in a single strike. Yet we could see that in the span of a single punch, my master had been struck thirty more times with deadly accuracy. We felt as if we had seen a god come unto earth. He was a supposed sword master, yet his hand to hand abilities were beyond any known reason. His style, his power, his technique, they were exquisite. A man we envied. When he died…it was a true loss to the entire world.”

He pointed at Irelia, “And here you are! You are reading our techniques and our style because we are so used to using only a few aspects at a time! If you were fighting one human, you would be undisputed! Unfortunately for you, we are many while you are one!”

Irelia retrieved her swords, she readied herself. She could taste the power in the air, her body almost shuddered from the auras exuded. Udyr was limited to using only one stance at a time, two at most if you included the symbiotic stance of the Monkey. But to use all of them at once? This made the fight turn very deadly. Luckily for Irelia, she had restrictions placed on herself by the League during League sanctioned matches, restrictions not in place while outside the Institute.

Irelia readied herself, Udyr hurtled himself at her once more. He believed because he had all of his animal aspects triggered Irelia’s perception would become faded. He was wrong, in fact he had strengthened it. Irelia’s blades surged forth, tearing into Udyr once more. They barely scratched his iron skin, Irelia winced at the sight of little damage. He bellowed haughtily,

“That is why a sword is useless! Unlike the body, a sword has limitations! It can only exhibit so much sharpness, so much weight! There is no way to improve upon a blade, but a body! A fist! An ever changing, ever evolving weapon! How can you stand to the might of perfection?”

Irelia burst out laughing, “Perfection? Really? That’s what you call that? I call that a massive ego coupled with the fact that you haven’t been served modesty in years.”

Irelia’s swords blitzed with energy, she swiped at Udyr. His attempt to block was foolhardy; his arm was nearly torn off by a single strike. He staggered back, Irelia pushed forward. She stabbed at where he once was, he had moved at blinding speeds. He was good, she would give him that much. “Enough. Now I will fight.”

She cocked an eye, that was the first time she ever heard Udyr speak in first person. How odd. Udyr grabbed one of Irelia’s wayward blades that had attempted to stab him. He attempted to break the sword using all his might, Irelia fell to the ground gasping for air. Udyr stopped, her breathing became easier again. He attempted to bend it once more, she convulsed. He was strong enough to be able to bend her sword. Udyr smirked as he tried breaking it once more to no avail. Irelia staggered to her feet, “Is that all? Is that all the strength you have to offer?”

She glared at him, blood ran from her eyes, nose, mouth and ears. “If you can break my will, then you can break my sword. If you cannot, then you will die.” The slight bend in her sword straightened itself, and leapt back to Irelia’s hands. Udyr eyed her uneasily, “It is only a weapon. Despite belonging to Master Lito, it could always be repaired.”

“You can see auras, Udyr. I know this, take a closer look.” She pointed at her sword, Udyr squinted his eyes. He drew back in shock

He could see the same energy flow between Irelia and her sword. Their life was tied as one, what was this? Irelia spoke up, “Many people think this was what the Noxians had done to me. What is your opinion?”

Udyr chuckled, “They are stupid if they think that. That is the secret of Lito, the invigoration of the blade.”

“This blade is my will, my will are my blades. We are separate yet we are one, we exist independently yet our lives are tied.”

Udyr shrugged his shoulders, “It matters not. You will pay for your crime against Lee Sin.” Udyr shifted his stance, Irelia could no longer feel the presence of all his auras.

She raised a hand defensively, “Before we continue this stupidity, why are you attacking me? What had I done to Master Lee to anger you so? In fact, how do you even know him? Why would he associate with a beast like you?”

Udyr clenched his fist, shaking it at Irelia, “He and I trained together. He is my greatest rival, only he had given us a challenge and only he had defeated us so handily. We have gone back and forth throughout the years, and I swore to slay him in honor of his strength. He always wished to seek some purpose though, to fight for something other than himself.”

Udyr snorted, shaking his head, “What ignorance. Then you come along. You, with all your speeches, all your words, all your talking. All of that, and the ineffectiveness that resulted. The lone fact that you tried to move worms to action is laughable, but it moved him. You made him ignite himself, and now he has lost his eyes because of your stupidity. What now can the greatest student of the Shojin monastery offer us?”

Irelia bowed her head, her shoulders quaked with anger. “That’s it? That’s why you’re after me? For such selfish reasons?”

Udyr backed up in surprise, more and more blades started to circle Irelia. Over twenty blades now spread from her, all pointed at Udyr. “You dense pig. Do you know what I have given up? What I have lost?”

“No.” Udyr snorted, “Nor do I care. You use your strength to help these fools to no avail, and you wounded Lee. I will not forgive you.”

“Forgive me? Forgive me?!” Irelia roared at him, her father’s blades shot forward. Instead of them piercing Udyr, he caught them all with a single swift movement of his hand, throwing them back at Irelia. They stopped in midair and returned to her side, “You selfish, heartless scum! You are mad at me? You wish to kill me because of what Master Lee chose to do?! I asked him, I pleaded him not to commit such an act but he went ahead! His protest gave us another chance!”

Udyr shook his head, “A chance you should not have had. Your people lost, the strong won. That is life, that is how life works.”

“Really?! You can say that with certainty then?!” Irelia raced at him, Udyr readied himself as she flew at him. He struck where she was supposed to be, but her father’s blade leapt in the way. The sound of his fist hitting metal vibrated through the garden. “If that is so then show me! You are stronger, you are faster, you are more skilled! Show me this so called strength!”

She leapt over Udyr, her blades rained down on him from above. He looked up and readied to block them, his eyes widened as they passed through his hands cleanly. He could feel no weight from them, but they sliced deep into his flesh. Irelia called them back to her side and readied herself for another strike. Udyr rushed forward, exhaling his breath. She could not dodge this strike, he had caught her. His fist struck her chest, a catastrophic explosion emitted from it. Irelia flew from the strike, scathing fires bathed her as she plummeted to the ground. Foliage was burned to a cinder from the impact, the trees a few hundred meters away from them groaned and cracked from the wind pressure the strike caused. The earth was torn with a single wide, deep gash; this was his mountain breaking strike. Udyr breathed heavily, “Feel the ultimate technique of Udyr. That is my wrath, that is my strength.”

Irelia got back to her feet, blood pouring from any possible place. She staggered to Udyr, gripping his neck, her nails dug into his jugular. Any more pressure and his throat would have been torn out. “Is that it? Is that all you got you *******? That is the strength of the fabled Udyr?”

Udyr was astonished. Irelia’s left arm hung limply at her side, it was twisted in an impossible position. Her right foot was facing the wrong direction, her armor clanged down to the ground uselessly. Below Irelia’s wrapped breasts was a series of large, jagged scars which had dozens of miniature scars jutting from them. She pointed at herself, “This. This is what Noxian black magic did to me, this is their attempt to stop me.”

She slammed Udyr to the ground, her blades pointed at his body, “I have won. You know this. I can kill you anytime I wish. Yet how is this possible?”

Udyr grunted, “You…you are…”

“I’m not stronger. I’m not faster. I’m not as skilled as you. I am only twenty three years of age, I am barely fit to lift my father’s blade, to be his successor. Yet here I am. Why is this?” Irelia was breathing heavily, the fight had taken a huge toll on her.


“It is because I am determined. My people, my friends need me tomorrow. And you wished to kill me, for such an inane reason. Master Lee did what he did because he wanted to. He believed it was right. Ionia would have fallen if it were not for me, all those years ago. I was a budding youth still, I barely knew left from right and yet I led our people to war. I had no right to do so: I was not experienced, I was not the smartest nor the most honorable to lead our people.” Irelia coughed out blood before continuing,

“Yet I did. In the final battle against the Noxians, I was cursed by a necromancer. My soul had been torn from my body, and I was content with it. All the pain, all the suffering I had gone through, was now over. I could see my father. He stopped me from joining him, asking if that is what I wanted. I said yes, I had died. It was over. I had lost. He shook his head, disapprovingly of me, why is that you think?”

Udyr remained silent. Irelia screamed at him, “Tell me what you think!”

Udyr did not respond, Irelia continued, “You can’t. You were never in a position like that. You were never faced with impossible odds. You simply think whoever is stronger deserves to win. How crude. My father asked if I wanted to let my people down, that I had the faintest chance of coming back to life if I would only fight for it. I was unsure how to respond. It was then I saw my mother, someone I only knew from stories my father told us. She was…incandescent. She asked me if I wanted to stay. I said yes, because I had just met her and for my entire life I had always wanted to tell her one thing: How sorry I was for killing her.”

Irelia staggered, her swords were still in place,

“My birth killed my mother. Despite my father’s best intentions, my life was shaped around death. He died when I was ten years old, he just suddenly withered and died. My brother left me five years after that, to try and gain help for the incoming Noxian invasion. It has been eight years since, he has yet to return. The Noxians and Zaunites came to my village, they burned it down and slaughtered almost everyone. I was one of six survivors of a village of three thousand, only because the Noxian commander had spared me. I tried hunting her down for her failed act of mercy, but it was I who failed and nearly died. Do you see a pattern? My life is surrounded by death, continually so. At no point was there a true time of peace in my life, the only time there was it was taken away by the Noxians. Again, and again, and again. I kept going thanks to what she said to me.”

Irelia settled her blades on the ground, she sank to her knees. Blood billowed from her wounds, “What she said to me back then…it moved me. I was still so weak back then, but I had to try and fight back against the Noxians. Because of that, my people, our people, put all their hopes, all their dreams, they pinned it all on one single person: me. I had a job to do, no time to lay down. So my parents asked one more time if I wanted to die now, without a fight, if that was truly what I wanted. I said I would fight.”

She breathed in and out, it was becoming harder. “It was then my father revealed to me the secret of the Hiten art and my salvation. I used to see his swords come to life in his grasp; they would literally spring into the air just like my sword now. The technique is a secret, but the sum is that the blade itself became a part of him. The fact that I had lifted them and they had chosen to be lifted by me meant I made a connection. I was its newly chosen successor, not my brother anymore.” She looked lovingly at her blades which quivered at her words. It almost seemed like they were embarrassed.

Irelia’s voice hardened as she concluded her story, “It was then I could feel Soraka trying to bring my soul back, it was the gentlest of tugs. It was not strong enough to return me to my body, but by infusing something of myself into the blade, perhaps I would live be able to live. My father infused his sorrow and sadness into the blade after my mother died, while I infused my determination, my will to survive. This blade means everything to me, this is my promise to my people I will not let them fail. I would rather die than let the Hell the Noxians wrought upon us happen again. And here you are, faulting me for someone else’s choice!”

She fell backwards, her good arm convulsed. Her sword floated next to her, gently prodding her. She grabbed it and hoisted herself into a sitting position,

“I have failed, and failed, and failed in my life time. I have only failed, than I finally succeeded. I succeeded in protecting those I love, those I care for, my people, my friends. This is my next step, taking back what is rightfully ours. My people suffer under the heel of Noxian tyranny, and it is because Master Lee made such a noble sacrifice that we have a chance to rectify it.”

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Part 2/2

An accusing finger whipped out, directed at Udyr,

“And you dare take that away from me, from him! You dare degrade not only my, but his noble sacrifice out of stupid pettiness! We have all made our choices, and we must live by them! This is my one chance to bring peace once and for all to Ionia, however brief it may be! The Ionian people need it, I need it! You may ask what gives me the right to say that. That is because people believe in me, because they put their hopes in me, so I must carry them. And then there’s you: I hate you. I hate what you stand for, that you stand only for your own dreams and aspirations, ignoring everyone else and d.amning those you think get in your way. That is not strength, that is pettiness! Your jealousy and your ignorance are your own worst enemy!”

Irelia got to her feet, her body was now shaking from the pain that wracked her. “Now then, I have a match to prepare for. Good. Night.”

Udyr watched Irelia walk away. He had expected her to fall face first after the first step, but it became apparent she would not fall. He easily caught up to her, clasping her shoulder, “Answer me this, what about yourself? Do you not care about your own feelings, your own aspirations? Do you not dream?”

Irelia sneered at Udyr, “Of course I do, I am not that selfless. I have many dreams, I have hopes outside of fighting, outside of my responsibilities. But until Ionia is safe, I will not rest. My hopes, my dreams will be put aside for the safety of Ionia.”

She felt a fist crack her back, she sank to her knees, collapsed to the ground and promptly passed out. Her blade angrily shook at Udyr, spinning around him like a circular saw. He lifted the still form of Irelia from the ground and into his hands, he brushed her hair back softly, “So this is the child that bested the entire army of Noxus.” Her swords hummed behind him, poking and prodding him every which way.

In the Ionian living quarters a figure still stirred. She could not sleep, her usually primed and proper auburn hair now hung past her shoulders. A thin robe was all that clothed her, she walked the hallways out of concern. Irelia had not returned from her stroll, and it had been more than half an hour. Normally she would not be worried, but knowing Noxians and their trickery something could be up. She heard loud footsteps, she turned and the door banged open. Udyr stood there, Irelia still in his hands and unmoving. The woman gasped and rushed forward, she inspected Irelia. She had been loosely bandaged, stemming the flow of blood. Udyr quietly spoke up, “Where is her room? We will lay her there.”

The woman rushed to Irelia’s quarters, opening the door with ease. She ushered Udyr in and closed it behind them. She placed Irelia on her bed, fresh crimson stained her sheets. The woman shook her head, “Who could have done such a thing…”

“We did. We attacked her.” Udyr faced the woman, she burst out laughing, “Humorous Udyr, quite humorous. Who harmed her?”

Udyr sighed, “We attacked her. She defeated us.”

The woman’s mouth dropped momentarily, she shook her head, “No…you didn’t.”

“We did. Why is that so hard to believe?” Udyr’s indignation grew.

The woman tiredly exhaled, grabbing Udyr’s arm gently. A gentle rush of healing flowed from her hands into his arm, “It is because you are not that kind of man. I know this.”

He snorted, “We have killed many without mercy. What makes you think we would not do such an act?”

She prodded his chest, “Not we, you. You would not. Your eyes are soft, they are gentle. Why do you act in such a way? Why did you hurt Irelia?”

Udyr was becoming increasingly uncomfortable, “Because…we-”


“We…I…I know naught. I was angry.” Udyr bowed his head. He had never been put in such a position. How could she read him so easily? He almost preferred being killed than this atrocity.

She switched her grip from his arm to his hands. Her hands were so soft. “Udyr, your aspects give you ferocity, strength, intelligence, courage, they give you almost everything. Only you can give yourself reason, only you can make the final choice in everything you do. Never forget who you are, and what you believe in. Do not let your aspects control your actions and blame them for your own choices. To do so would be most heinous.”

Perceptive. Very perceptive. Udyr kept his head bowed in shame, “We…I-”

She raised a hand, stopping him from speaking, “I do not mean to offend you, but please leave. I need to prepare Irelia for tomorrow.”

“You would do such a thing? She is in no condition to fight. She would need a few days’ worth of recovery from all of the blood she had just lost.” Udyr looked at her suspiciously, she was formulating something.

“That. Or a few minutes.” She smiled cleverly, “All you would need to do is to kill her. The Summoners would be forced to use their most powerful magic to bring her back to life and she would be readied for the morning. After all, it would be simple for you. What is it you say, ‘we shall not pity the defenceless?’”

Udyr nodded and glanced at the still form of Irelia. He raised his fist, “You are right. This is the best choice, the most sensible one.”

His fist shook, he eventually lowered it, “But I cannot. Not her. She deserves more.”

He turned away from Irelia and headed to the door, gently opening it. Before he left, he glimpsed back at the woman, “I do not recognize you…may I have your name?”

She smiled at him, tussling her hair into a more recognizable form, “You know me best as Karma.”

Udyr nodded and left the room, the door clicking behind him. The next morning Irelia groaned awake, she felt like her body had been forced through a fine mesh. She rolled her body up, sitting upright. She glanced out her window, the sun shone through. The sun shone? Irelia panicked, leaping to her feet. She barely noticed the pain as she burst out the door, the other Ionian champions sitting in the lobby. Irelia attempted to hobble past them, “What are you sitting here for?! The match…!”

Karma regarded Irelia calmly, “Has already started. You woke up halfway through the match. Come, have a seat. Watch it with us.”

Irelia screamed at her, “How can you be so calm?! I need to go, I need to-”

“Irelia.” Karma’s voice became firm, “Have a seat.”

Irelia grumbled and hobbled over to the comfortable couch Karma was sitting upon. All of the available Ionians were there: Shen, Akali, Karma and Master Yi. They were all surprisingly smiling. They turned their attention away from Irelia and back to the crystal screen that adorned the wall of the room. A yell interrupted Irelia’s train of thought, “And here comes Udyr! Oh dear heavenly beings, he has Vladimir in his grasp!”

“Stay away, just stay away!”

“You shall taste our might, weakling! Taste the fist of your defeat!”

“Oh dear gods no! Help! Hel-mfffmf-”

“…Ladies and gentlemen, Udyr has literally shoved his entire fist down Vladimir’s jaw…! This…this is beyond a new level of disturbing…”

Master Yi jokingly winced, “That is a very…unique way to strike.”

“And here comes Miss Fortune in an attempt to save her com….Nevermind! Udyr has brought new meaning to the backbreaker! It should be called the pretzelator!”

Irelia eased herself into her seat, Udyr was there? She spoke up, “But I was expected, I was-”

The ever vigilant ninja, Shen, placed a calming hand on her shoulder, “He wakened me scant hours ago. He told me what had taken place last night, and what he had done. He wished to make reparations and asked me who was summoning you for this day’s fight. He convened with us and made a plan. Apparently his plan involves being as brutal as possible.”

“What is this?! Vladimir has left the match! He refuses to fight Udyr anymore, Vladimir is actually fearful of the unstoppable force that is Udyr! His Summoner is trying to coax him back into the fight!”

“Weaklings, all of you are weaklings! You dared try to take over Ionia? You?! Despicable! You give us no challenge!”

“The frost archer Ashe has fallen! The Ionians are trying to fall back, but the Noxians aren’t- Wait what’s this?! Udyr is facing the Noxians four versus one! What is he doing?!”

Irelia leaned in, watching as Udyr took all four of them single handily, his blood ran freely but he did not surrender. “This is the might you offer us?! We had a better challenge from feral kittens! You do not deserve life!”

Akali winced as she watched Udyr slam Miss Fortune to the ground, destroying her guns, “We know of you bounty hunter. This field is no place for you, girl, you are nothing but fodder here. Get out of the way of those who deserve to fight.”

The sound of bone being crushed echoed throughout the room. Akali spoke up, “That’s…that’s hardcore.”

Shen looked at Akali with a raised eyebrow, “This coming from the Fist of Shadow? Worthy praise.”

They watched the rest of the fight as Udyr and the other Ionians dominated the Noxians. Irelia reclined into the comfortable seat, tears streamed down her face. She gingerly touched her face, she had not cried in years, not since her father died. But they had just won, Ionia was free once more. The announcer prodded Udyr with questions, “Udyr! Udyr! Your team has voted you as the MVP! What do you have to say to this?!”

“…What does the term em-vee-pee mean?”

“Ah…Most valuable player. You are the reason the Ionians won.”

A gruff chuckle escaped him, “Of course. We are the strongest there is.”

“So where is Irelia? Why did she bow out of the fight? Is it becau-”

Udyr snapped at the announcer, “She was not available because we made it so. She was too wounded to participate.”

“…You just admitted…you attacked Irelia. Why is that? Do you think she would not be strong en-”

Udyr roared, “Never! Associate! Weakness! With her! Do not even insinuate it!”

The announcer cowered as he continued, “She has given up so much for you people, for you vermin, and you dare question why she did not make it? Disgusting.”

“Th-th-then why…” The announcer cleared her throat, “Then why are you here? Why did you choose to fight?”

Udyr bowed his head, “…We did not fight. I fought. I fought because until the complete safety of Ionia was returned, hopes, dreams, and aspirations would never return. I know that they think of themselves as only a weapon, only to kill, only to defend, to only hold the people up on their shoulders like a tool. That is noble, but wrong. They are still human, dumb as they may be at times.”

The announcer was speechless, attempting to point out how Udyr changed his speech when he continued, “That is because people are vermin, people are parasites. If they let them continue, those people they aim to protect will suck all their life out and leave them cold in the dirt. No matter how much of a hero or saviour one may think they are, even they need to relax. They have already given up so much already; it was someone else’s turn to step in for them, to give them a chance to not be some kind of iconic figure and be human once more.”

“Uh…” The announcer was looking at him questionably, “Who are you talking about Udyr?”

He looked at the screen, “They know whom I speak of. You may live your life as you wish now, you are not tied down to anything anymore. Let your choices be your own. And in regards to a very wise woman, only I make my own choice and my own reason. I was not guiled into doing this, and I thank her for reminding me of this. And in regards to they, next time we fight, we will win.”

Irelia’s tears could not stop flowing. She was a whirlpool of emotion, the emotions fluxed in and out. Her sword started to spin strangely as her feelings ran rampant. Karma spoke up, “He really is not that bad of a man, is he?”

Irelia smiled, shaking her head, “No, he really isn’t.”

“Wow! He sounds like such a bad ass!”


“Sorry mommy, but it’s true! He sounds totally cool!”

“He was…a unique man to say the least dear. Now come on, time to go home, then it’s off to bed.”

“Aw ma, do I have to?! Urs isn’t going to sleep yet! I want to play more!”

“He’s a year older than you Nevira, but even so he only gets another five minutes. You on the other hand, have early morning practice with me and your aunts. Come along!”

“Alright mommy. G’night Uncle Lee! Night Auntie Karma! G’night Urs!”

“Fair night Nevira, I will see you at the brook after your training.”

“Good night Lee, thank you for looking after Nevira today.”

“How could I refuse you? Good night, Irelia.”

“So what did you think of the story, Urs?”

“Why was he so cruel? Why was he so angry?”

“Ah…well Urs, that’s a story for another day.”


“Yes Urs?”

“I…I’m hearing voices in my head.”

“Oh? What do they say?”

“I hear...fire for one. It speaks of the eternal flame, another speaks of wisdom, and another speaks of ferocity and strength.”

“That is good Urs. Why do you sound concerned?”

“One…one says he loves me. And he watches over me, and mother…and even you Uncle. Do I know these voices? They feel familiar.”

“…You know them Urs. Let them guide you, let him guide you. He was the greatest man to have ever lived. But that, that is definitely another story for another day. Good night and pleasant dreams.”

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Reserving my spot for when I have time to read it later today.

Edit: Read it. Loved it. You really have great insight on the champions.

So who's Irelia's husband, hmmm? When I saw 'mothers', I immediately thought... Well... I hoped... Hehe...