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[GUIDE] Playing LoL on a Budget

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Sorry Sciencias, but I don't know the answers to your questions. Try asking in the 'New Players' forum, somebody will probably be able to help you with those.

In other news, the guide has been updated with some more information.

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the advice is good for people who buy multiple heroes and mix it up.

but if you are like me and find a champion you like and stick with it then you can save a lot of ip and buy runes of tier 1 2 and 3 without skippping tiers and still have ip left.

I play always the same champion that i found tru rotation, and I started customising the rune and masteries early on, so i always had the best runes possible

that is only if you really like a hero you came across, not all people will find their fit so soon as i did.

this month i plan on getting some riot points for me and a friend's birthday so ill go around buying my champion's skins with those riot points.