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Was season 1 a good change?

Yes 27 35.53%
No 34 44.74%
I'm indifferent 15 19.74%
Voters 76 .

Are you happy with Season 1?

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0prah Winfrey

Junior Member


I voted no:

Yes, great idea and change is good. The game needs to progress to survive.

BUT, don't make a change until you are ready to. Riot clearly rushed Season 1 (I'm sure they had good reasons to do so, but it was definitely rushed). Yes there will be problems with any new feature, but Season 1 should not have been launched at the expense of practice games and there should have been more foresight on Riot's behalf regarding the matchmaking system.

I am confident that they will fix these problems though.

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Senior Member


No. I refuse to play solo anymore. Doesn't matter whether it's normal or ranked, you get a leave whenever you queue dodge.