Guide to High Elo Dominion

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2 Days Ago

Hello. A couple of months ago I decided to experiment on how much I could improve on Dominion (and League of Legends since I had basically never played it before) on a very short time. I played for an average of 3hours/day (watching replays included), sometimes just for fun, others solely focused on learning. I rose from 800 Elo to around 1500 (a print screen taken a few minutes ago, on a normal Dominion game ). This guide contains everything I learned from that path. It has a lot of information from other guides such as Sauron's, Nekrogen's, Painkillar's, Sylian's, and Fancy Wolf's, to who I thank a lot, because it would've been much harder to improve at this pace without them sharing their knowledge.

This [sketch of a] guide contains both general information about League of Legends, but focused mainly on Dominion. The final objective would be to be able to pick someone that knows nothing about LoL, and give him the tools to excel at Dominion. It's a sketch, and rough on the edges. For me, college is restarting now, so my experiment ends here, and with it, I stop writing this guide. I will leave with you the editable word file, so that you can continue to improve it if you so wish, and pass on the knowledge to newer players, like you did to me.

Cheers and enjoy.

Word (.docx):