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rSports - Recruiting Remade - 7/20

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Name: Paul
Age: 19
IGN: kissDATpawL
Main: Ez Poppy Janna Annie Sion

LoL Exp: 3rd place GB season 1 for 3s, Currently in playoffs for XPL season 2

Currently seeking organized 5s and 3s team with set practice schedule's for season 1 upcoming lan's and online tournaments. I have been in the competitive scene for about 4 years now with Cs 1.6 and WoW attending East coast lan's and every Online tournament we could find for CS, So I will be ready when riot starts pushing out these big lans!

I'm on every day from 5pm till 4am EST but I can switch up my schedule, I play everything but tanks and shaco "Not saying I wont play tanks but I prefer to play carries" I know all champions hands down, I main Ezreal Janna Poppy Sion and Annie, I'm a carry / team player with great map awareness. Will play anything thats needed, I have a great computer and internet so I never get dc'ed or random shut downs.

Contact info: IGN kissDATpawL, Steam itsz3n0

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Finkill Dodge

Junior Member


So many baddies...

tisk tisk

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Loves Misty

The Council



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Jenova Project

Senior Member


If you are interested in a serious 3v3 team I would be interested in participating in a tryout. I am good friends with your current team member Kusko who will give me an excellent reference and can vouch for my play ability. Please message me in game if you'd like to see what I can do. I meet all of your expectations.