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Building a Foundation

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I am looking to work on my basics to improve my game play. I doubt I will ever be considered good or elite, but I want to go into games with an understanding of what I need to do in order to help my team win or at least not feed the opposing team, heh heh.

1) Having watched just a few matches of like M5 and such amazing teams, I realized that my last hitting is utter poo poo. Is there a guide already posted or a youtube video that shows the basics? Any advice is great.

2) I solo cue a great deal. As such, I end up feeling like I have to play the type of champion that all the other ad carries didn't pick ... like a tank. How in the hell can I become a better tank player? Again, any guide or youtube video would be wonderful.

3) Are there matches people form just to practice? If so, where be those?

If there is something more vital that I left out that I need to work on, please post it with a guide/youtube video, and I will check it out!

Thanks for any help and for taking the time to read.