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Ok, first off, the reason I'm doing this (and sorry if wrong forum, just don't know where else to put it):

I main Sivir, because I like her and find her fun to play. Yet I continuously get bad K rations (normally 0-2/5-8), and I've lost 6 games in a row with her.

So, while it goes without saying I need to learn to play, this brings me to two points:

1. Is it possible for me to actually make 6 different teams lose because I suck?


2. Any tips? My runes are : Attack Damage, Attack Speed and CD reduction (might change that, did it for a placeholder)

My normal build is : Zerker boots, Starks, Black Cleaver, Madreds, Malady, and then either another attack speed or damage depending on how I'm doing.

Is there anything I could improve?