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I play Kayle alot since the patch and I must say I am doing quite well as her in a Tank/Supportive DPS role.

My best items are Nashor's and Soul Shroud.. and I usually work towards Atma's but there is another item in between that is rather flexible.

So the choices are:
Warmog's - putting me at just about 4000+ health at 18 - no other bonuses.
Rylai's - 3300 health plus a substantial boost to Fury, Reckoning, and Blessing - however the slow only applies to Reckoning... which makes it better... but maybe not good enough
Frost Mallet - 3500+ health and a decent dmg boost but a even better slow on every attack

Basically I want something to add survivability and something else. AP scales well across all three skills, but phys. dmg. works too.

Any suggestions?

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Nashor's is a must, I always get it. I also run a cooldown runes page, because chain Reckoning and frequent ulti is a huge asset.

I'd say stack ability power. It gives you a good nuke in Reckoning, and boosts your attack with Fury. Blessing is also quite good, the healing is not insignificant.

Typically, I'll go
Boots of Swiftness
Guinsoo's Rageblade

This isn't a tank build though, obviously.

Edit: For tanking, I'd go Armor/Spell Defense over health, because that makes your Blessing that much better on yourself.