Outfitting for solo tops

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I've started to lean away from jungling as much because I really only like jungling as Lee Sin and I don't like playing most other junglers. So I've decided to instead try and play solo top a lot more, as I've noticed I'm outfitted for a ton of champions that can do well at solo top, and I want to try and find some success there.

I want to try and keep the max amount of champions I'd play to around 10-15ish (to match my mastery pages). I also am working with 5 rune pages total. So far the champions that I have that seem appealing are:

Lee Sin

And champions that I am undecided on but I have heard run a pretty good solo top are:


So basically what I'm asking is:
1. What would be the most efficient way to have all these champions outfitted at once? For instance, what champions should I put on shared mastery pages? Should I just run a mastery page for each champion, or should I group the mastery pages, and if so, how should I group them?

2. Should I try and play Jarvan and Olaf? Are they still very good viable solo tops or did I just hear a false rumor ?

3. Are there any champions here that I shouldn't take the time to learn, or would be a waste of time?