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Questions about Gragas

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These are primarily aimed at anyone that has played successful matches with him and carried the entire time.

At late game, being that he's primarily aimed at being a tank, I've initially gone with stacking defense and health seeing as how I should be the one taking the damage and harassing others. Sadly, I've found that his abilities are hardly capable of scratching enemies around mid-late game and place you at an extreme disadvantage when trying to solo a lane or just protect a turret from multiple champions.

Because of this, I tried building the other way around with ap this time. I ran into the same issue with easily being outclassed by the opposing team. It seems as if he's a character that needs a lot of consistent work to keep up with other champions.

Another issue is also his abilities, primarily speaking of his ult. Because of this naturally being on online game, his ult has a tendency to send characters in an entirely unintended direction. I experienced this when I through a keg that clearly landed in front of an enemy champion to help my teammate escape, but instead propelled him towards her..

have I bought a bad champion that is terrible all-around, or am I just playing him wrong? I don't see a right way here.

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Gragas = AP. Farm up early and try not to get harassed, sustain through everything with passive and W. Go for pure AP, to poke and finish people off.

Boots + 3 potions > 3 Doran's Rings > Sorcerer's Shoes > Rabadon's Deathcap > Lich Bane > Deathfire Grasp > Void Staff... you get the idea. And his ultimate is kind of hard to land, but that's just part of playing him - you need to take into account their movement speed, the projectile speed, and your ping.

Your barrels should REALLY hurt, to the point of making their AoE team comp think twice about initiating. And then if they do initiate, one of two things happens:

1: They charge in and your ultimate blows them everywhere, to be cleaned up by your assassin.
2: They're on low health, they charge in and die, and you use your ultimate for the raw damage to finish someone off.

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Gragas is kind of a bad champ. Not awful but not top tier. He is basically forced to go AP nowdays, which is great until around level 10. Thats when the otehr APs are doing these great combos, and they start max ranking their other AP skills.
Gragas however doesn't really do anything other than toss long CD barrels.

With luck and practice you can land a Blitz-grab Ultimate that forces enemy right into you where you bodyslam them, pointblank barrel and look Pro. This is pretty hard to pull off though.

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Gragas is an insane lane bully if you know how to. I prefer AP but tank gragas works well too, but at the very least I recommend a early Sheen for bullying.

There are a few champions that can handle gragas easy, but that said gragas has a quite interesting skill set for heavy harassing and bullying. But this is a high risk high reward strategy and takes lots of practice and a good understanding of the game to master.
Most people think that you just sit back and throw barrels, while that is a safe way to farm creeps it is not the best way to harass and you will inevitably push your lane.
What people tend to over look is his early game damage output from drunken rage. It is much equivalent to the damage output of your average bruiser early. That coupled with AP and barrels results in tons of damage output.

The best way to bully your opponent is to: Activate drunken rage -> Charge -> Barrel -> Attack(s)

Always make sure you have as much duration on rage as possible because running out of rage while fighting is bad in a number of ways: #1 you loose damage output and #2 you loose damage reduction.
When charging (and hitting) your enemy you can not avoid landing a barrel (disregarding flash and other blink abilities) and now you can land some heavy attacks due to drunken rage.
If they choose to fight back your barrel will be up soon to finish them off. I have won so many duels this way. If they get away you can move back heal up via passive and go again.

Regardless gragas is an insane farmer so getting your gear is not an issue.

As for the barrel, well that takes practice and above all patience ... do ... not ... waste ... it ... It is much too costly par with galio and mumu ults. Do not use it to initate fights unless you have a "fail safe" shot on a high priority target. Avoid throwing when they have spotted you and are running away, chances are that they will not fly the way you plan.

Best is to use it right after a team mate has landed a stun. A prime example to aspire to was the team fnatic, lamia on ashe, shushei on gragas, ashe opens, gragas lands (inevitably) a perfect barrel isolating the target for a clean kill before the fight even begins.

Another good use is to completely destroy enemy positioning after they initiate on your team. Throw the barrel right in the middle such that they get spread all over and the targets closest to you are now isolated.

This became something of a ramble, my apologies, but there you have it, my 2c