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Need help with painting skills!

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Hey guys, I was not sure where to post this forum but since it is art related I chose to post it here.

I know there are a lot of talented artists out there possibly reading this.
I have a few questions I need to ask and this make take a while...Anyhow here I go!

1.(Not really a question) I want to be able to draw in Photoshop like the champion art spotlight shows. I know it may take me a long time to get to that skill level, but I love art and I'm willing to take the time to learn.

2. Do the people at riot have custom tools they use?

3. I always seem them sketch out a template of the champion, then somehow fill it with color. How is this done? And if there are any special tools for filling the templates like that? And do they use a custom brush for sketching? Could you possible show me how to get/install into Photoshop if you know of these tools/brushes or any similar ones you think might be useful as them?

4. If these is a guide/tutorial for this exact style they use to draw in riot? Could you link me?

5. I'd like to learn to draw just as they draw at riot! And possibly later on work for Riot in the Art section =D.

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here is a good start.

after that it is all up to you.

Practice Practice Practice.

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1. Expect to keep drawing for the next ten years and so on. Learning art is like learning a martial art. You have to practice everyday to master it.

2. Photoshop for the splash pages. Autodesk Maya for the game models/animation.

3. The template is acutally a layer. In Photoshop, there are layers that separates a part of a painting from another. If you don't like how one layer is meshing with the image, you can delete that layer instead of painting over it. For the sketching, they usually just use the default round brushes. You can find a 30-day trial version of Photoshop at adobe.com and experiment the tools yourself.

4. Well, there isn't a tutorial for that style (other than the champion art spotlights), since it's just technique. But, you can search Feng Zhu Tutorials on youtube to see a similar, more descriptive approach to the concept art technique.

5. And like I said, expect to practice drawing for a long, long time. And for every 100 or so failed sketches, there will be one that just has the right composition, the right pose, and the right mood.