why is a draft pick for TT so hard to make?

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I don't get it rift has one dominion has one. So why does TT not get a normal draft? since ranked isn't always up or if you don't have a team every team comp in TT looks the same. Both teams will always have tyrnd and sion or trynd and teemo or tyrnd and talon. You'd think that in the game type where you have less people they'd want to have a draft pick since as ive said every game will have trynd since he basically can wipe your whole team after 6. Not only that ganking champions and any jungle can basically go farm for 3 levels then gank then farm for another level then gank again then get to 6 then gank again. this is why i love TT over rift its less passive and much quicker, however certain champs the biggest ones in my mind being trynd, garen, sion, and teemo have such a large advantage thanks to the smaller map size and smaller team sizes. I simply want to know why exactly a the other two game modes get a normal draft and TT doesn't. Thank you for reading this and saying your thoughts.