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League of Legends Common Problem

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Tech support,

My lap top (acer) just crashed during a ranked game, twice.

This same crash has happened numerous times, but it only happens when I play LoL.

I run windows 7. This problem has never occurred in 2011... it has only started some time in 2012.

I went to the internet and found somebody else on a dell lap top has the exact same problem.


he describes it well as the following:
So, I recently bought (3 months ago) a Dell XPS 15z from the Dell Outlet store and after about a month of use, I started to experience a problem. This problem has only occurred while playing 2 specific games, Penumbra Overture and League of Legends. It's not something that happens every time I play these games either and sometimes it does not occur for weeks.

My issue is very similar to another person's problem posted on these forums.

So here's the actual problem:
- When playing these games, a loud buzzing sound (is the best way to describe it) plays through I believe the speakers. When I have speakers plugged in it seems to play through the speakers and when I have my headset on it seems to come through the headset. The sound is like a BRRRR sound that occurs for about 1-3 seconds and then it stops.
- The screen also freezes, sometimes it freezes and sometimes it turns black.
- I can alt+tab and move my cursor but doing so just makes the screen black and I can't really interact with my desktop or anything.
- I can also ctrl+alt+delete to bring up the Windows 7 menu thing that has Lock this Computer, Switch User, etc. and I can click those but upon returning to the main screen, everything is pretty much unresponsive.
- The only way I know to recover from this problem is to force restart by holding down the power button

My Computer Specs:
Windows 7
Intel Core i7-2630QM @2.00GHz processor
6GB of RAM
Nvidia Geforce GT 540M graphics card

My specs are:
windows 7
intel core i7 2630QM 2 ghz
amd radeon HD 6850M
I have a SS hard drive as well.

We have the same intel processor and chip set I see.

have you seen this problem before?

I found the following post from INTEL on this chip set

but i only have problems when I play LoL.... same with the other poster.

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Timmy Tonga

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Am I to understand that your laptop uses Switchable Graphics?