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Forgotten Past, Unforgiving Future

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Protect Your ADC

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Chapter 1
Introductory Lessons

A boy, seven years of age, torn clothes, no home to return to, and no family to call his own, shuffled slowly through the underground city of the Noxus capital. The boy wobbled to his left and leaned against a building. He had not eaten in days and the last meal he had was half a loaf of bread and meat. The boy pulled himself against the wall and looked across the crowded street.
A man in a dark blue coat approached two men speaking to each other. The man in blue walked past but the boy saw him pull a silver chain from one of the men's pockets. The boy watched the man go through the street and pickpocket from others around him. Soon the boy found himself following the man. The man took an apple from a nearby stand and the boy copied him.
The man looked over his shoulder at the boy and the boy looked over his shoulder. The man continued on and pushed his way through a crowd and apologized as he continued on. The boy tried to do the same but was pushed back by the group. He went around the group but could not find the man. The boy walked forward looking around in constant search for him.
After a while the boy came to the conclusion that the man could not be found. The boy walked past another stand and grabbed another apple. He passed by a man and took a watch from his pocket. The boy continued on filling his pockets with what he took but soon thought to himself "What do I do with this stuff?" He had no where to go and he could not walk around with pockets fool of loot.
The boy in deep thought continued on and instinctively grabbed a fruit from a nearby stand. "Hey!" A deep growl like voice said. The merchant grabbed the boy's arm. "Where do you think you're going?" The boy tried to pull away but the man tugged on him. "You have to pay for that." The man reached into the boy's pocket and pulled out the watch. "This'll do." The boy was released and ran off.
He continued to ponder on what to do with his collection and soon began to buy himself food to eat. At one stand he handed a man a necklace for a loaf of bread and another a gold chain. The boy stopped at a stand selling sweets and offered up a pendant to trade. Before the merchant could take it the pendant was snatched out of the boy's hand. "What do you think you're doing," The merchant scolded the man that had taken the pendant.

"This pendant belongs to my wife!" The boy took a step back.

"No it doesn't!" The merchant argued. "It belongs to the young man right here-" He gestured to the boy who was staring at the two. "Now I would like it if you would kindly return it so that I may purchase it from him."

"No!" The man grabbed the boy. "Let's see how you like it in prison, you thief!"

"Excuse me," Another man said. "But could you please let go of my son?" The boy turned and stared up at the man in the blue coat.

"This is your son?"


"Your son has stolen one of my wife's pendants and--"

"Then take it back." The man glared at the man in blue. "He's a child. Are you really going to send him to prison?" The man took his pendant and walked off. The boy walked with the many to a nearby shop. The man bought the boy a plate of food and the boy unhesitatingly began to eat. "I saw you following me," The man said. "You picked up on my tricks, huh?" The boy nodded his head. "Where are your parents?" The boy stopped eating and stared at his food. "Can't you tell me?"

"I believe they're dead, Sir."

"Sir? I'm glad you know some manners." The boy moved the fork in his hand and began to eat again. "How would you like to come with me?" The boy looked up at the man. His eyes were a dark intense green that intrigued the man. "You could be my son and I could train you. So you could eat like this everyday." The boy thought it over for a moment and nodded.

"Here we are." The man opened the door to a house on the west side of the city and let the boy enter first. "This will be your new home." The boy entered and looked around. There was not much except for a table, a few chairs, a fire place, and two separate room with beds in them. "Now then..." The man closed the door. "Where is your mother?"

"Hey!" The door flung open and hit the man in the back, knocking him onto the floor. A woman with bags of food walked in and stared down at the man. "Are you kidding me? You've been asleep!" She kicked him in the ribs and placed the bags on the table. She turned back around and faced the boy. The woman had long orange hair and wore a black shirt and pants. "Aw... aren't you cute?" The woman handed the boy an apple and began to repeatedly kick the man in the side again. "I told you no stealing children!"

The man grabbed her foot and pulled her onto the ground. "I didn't steal him." The man stood up and dusted himself off. "That really hurt, you know?"

"Whatever... So where'd you find him?"

"He followed me and I saved him from being thrown into the big house."

"And his parents."

"He doesn't have any."

".... So what's your plan?"

"I'll train him. Make him stronger."

"Alright." The woman picked up the boy. "Oh and, Talon--"

"Yeah?" The man answered.

"There's another bounty on your head."

Chapter 2
Six Years Later

"... How did I get into this mess? Maybe stealing from the guards wasn't such a good idea. When Father finds out he's going to be so pissed."
Zeal climbed onto the roof of a building and tossed a knife down at the following Noxian guards. He jumped down and two more ran from around the corner. The first swung its sword and Zeal slid underneath. The second tried to bring an axe down on him but Zeal jumped up and dug a knife into the guard's neck. An arrow shot past him and Zeal turned to run. The guards continued to chase him as Zeal ran through the upper-city of the Noxian capital.
Another arrow was shot down at Zeal from a building ahead of him. "What was that spell," Zeal thought as another arrow missed him. "Got it!" Zeal appeared behind the guard that was shooting at him and pushed him off the building. The guards moved to surround the building but Zeal jumped down before they did. A guard ran at him with a sword and Zeal took out two of the many knives he carried on him. The guard swung down at Zeal who blocked with one knife, swept the guard off his feet, and stabbed him in the chest.
Another guard charged Zeal but was easily cut down. Zeal found himself bored with the solo fighting of the guards so charged them instead. The guards held their ground and pointed spears at him. Zeal send out a volley of blades into the guards ahead of them and jumped over the second line. He blocked a strike from a sword and spun as another guard attacked. Zeal ducked as another blade swept over his head and stabbed the guard in between his armor. The guard stumbled back and received one of Zeal's knives in his helmet.
A guard in green and gold plated armor lashed out at Zeal who dodged the double sided blade. The guard was one of the Voracious Honor Guards, one of Noxus's most decorated and hardened military regiments. Zeal took a look around him and found more Vanguard's surrounding him. "Probably a good time to run," He thought, "Hopefully my new trick works." The Honor Guard lashed out again and Zeal threw a knife at him. The knife hit the guard in the right breast but no blood appeared. Another Honor Guard struck at Zeal who barely managed to dodge the fast blow that would have ended him.
The Honor Guards circled Zeal and moved in. Zeal swept his coat cross his body and disappeared. Blades leapt out from the spot where he stood and cut through the Honor Guards. After a few seconds the blades were pulled by some unseen force down the street cutting a path through the crowd of guards.

Talon sat waiting on top a building outside a pub in Wyvern City near the border of Frejlord. The city was covered in ice and snow year-round and at night the weather could become extremely hazardous. Talon stared up at the full moon in the sky and watched his breath disappear in the air. The door to the pub opened and a large drunk man walked out with a woman on his arms. Talon crawled along the rooftops, following the man. The two entered an inn and Talon jumped down to the street on his right, one over from the inn.
He stopped in front of a house and picked the lock on the door. The door swung slowly opened but no one entered. A man checked the door and looked down both ends of the street. The man stepped out with a crossbow in his hands not noticing the wire ahead. The man's head slipped into the loop and was pulled up. Talon pulled the wire tight and the wire clasped itself around the man's spine. Talon checked the man's coat. A small pouch of silver and a coin with the seal of the Victorian Guild on it.
Talon left the body on the roof and made his way back to the pub. "Give me a box of whatever you got." The bartender sent two men to the back and gave Talon the box which he paid for with the silver. Talon sat in a dark alley stuffing cloth into the glass bottles of alcohol. He walked down the street where he had killed the man and began throwing bottles whose, cloths were now lit, into the houses.
Soon the street was in roaring flames and the screams of people pierced the silent night. The people that were held up in the inn were now scrambling out as others rushed to put the flames out. Talon watched as the man he had seen before ran out and down the street. He ran down a street with no inhabitants and slowed to a walk. The man sighed and gasped for air. Talon pulled the blade from his back and grabbed the necklace he wore before the body hit the floor. The man continued to gasp and stared in horror at Talon.
Talon knelt down and placed a piece of parchment in the man's hand. On it read, "Your fate will be the same as this sad waste of a man. But I welcome anyone who dares to challenge me."

Chapter 3
Meeting the Princess

The town was quiet as Talon and Zeal made their way to the tavern. There was no moon tonight and no wind. The wolves could not be heard and neither could any other creature. The dirt crunched underneath the boots of the two as they approached the tavern and picked the lock of the backdoor. The owner lived on the second floor and without the wind or any noise to be heard they had to be silent. The lock snapped open and Talon caught it before it dropped.
Zeal entered first with a knife out. Nothing moved inside the tavern. Zeal crept in and Talon followed. Zeal stood where he had tripped the first man and knelt down. "It was here," Zeal said and felt the wood floor. Talon knelt down and felt for a gap. After finding one Talon sent Zeal upstairs to deal with the owner. Talon pried the wood open and found an opening. Zeal came back down and helped his father. Talon climbed down into the darkness. He dropped down and Zeal heard a thump. "Father?"

"I'm fine." Talon lit a torch revealing that the space below was about ten feet deep. Zeal waited for his father as he searched around. A faint tap was heard but Zeal ignored it. Another made him look up and a third made him look out at a window. A girl around the same age waved at Zeal through the window.



"Someone see's us."

"Then deal with them."

"Yes, Sir." Zeal stepped out and found the girl waiting for him outside.

"Hi," The girl said in a happy tone.


"Whatcha doin?"

"Nothing... mind if I speak to you privately?"

"Sure." Zeal lead her to the side of the house. "So... what did you want to talk about?" The girl turned to face him and stared at the knife that Zeal held. "What's with the knife?"

"You're going to have to die." Zeal sighed and took a step toward the girl.

"Hood on." The girl reached into her pocket and handed Zeal a note. Zeal read over it and grabbed the girl's hand. He took her inside the tavern and locked the doors.


"Did you take care of--"

"She has a note." Talon walked to the opening with a package in his hands. Zeal helped him up and he stared down at the girl. Zeal gave Talon the note.

"You're the one who's supposed to deliver the package?"

"Yes, your contract has been updated." The girl handed Talon another paper. "You are to guard me as we make our way to Trueworth where our contract will be complete."

"And what is your name?" Talon asked.

"Katarina Du Couteau."

Chapter 4
Blood, Sweat, and Cold Hard Steel

Zeal rode in the back of the wagon with Katarina beside him. Talon had given a box he had taken out of the tavern to her which she had put into a pack. Zeal did not believe that she did not know what she was carrying or even what she was doing. Her clothes were clean; a red blouse and black pants, and she had a small bow in her hair. The name "Du Couteau" had sounded familiar to Talon but he didn't say anything more. Zeal looked at his father who was driving the wagon. His eyes were open but he was not looking.

Seven Years Ago

Talon moved through the dense frozen wasteland of Frejlord as he and his team approached the enemy encampment. Normally Talon would not engage himself in a war that did not affect him but the Noxians had offered a pretty gracious price for his services. The snow beside him shuffled forward as Kane laid beside him. Each member of the four man team was given a replacement name for the mission so they could not be tracked after their contract had been served. "What do you see," Talon asked.

"I see twenty guards posted around the wall. The camp itself is supposed to hold a hundred."


"Swain isn't moving until we get the objective." Kane slid back down the slope and Talon followed. The two others, Lucius and Lo, sat waiting for them.

"So?" Lucius inquired.

"We'll move tonight. Get the objective and get out," Said Kane.

"Cry." Talon looked at Lo. "You ready?"

"Been ready," Talon answered.
The hours passed slowly as the sun lowered and the crescent moon rose. Talon slid down the hill toward the camp, moving slowly and low to the ground. A breeze kicked up some snow into Talon's face and the cold sting of it set in. Talon did not move as he slowly wiped it away from his eyes and continued on.
The camp had a large wooden wall built around it with guards posted around the perimeter. Another gust of win hit talon as he crouched by the wall. The wind was growing and Lo had expected a storm to arrive soon. And just as he predicted it came. The storms of Frejlord are unforgiving to anyone without shelter, a.k.a. Talon and the others, meaning that they would have to move fast.
The wind hit Talon with the force of a bull and made him slid through the snow. Frost covered his face as he struggled to move behind the wall. As he reached it a steel arrow shot a foot above his head. Then another above that, and another, and another, until it made a path that Talon could climb up. Talon did climb up and checked the wall for guards. The wall was empty but posts along it were setup. The posts had closed flaps covering them so Talon climbed over.
Another burst of win hit him and slammed him back against the wall. Talon waited as it slowly died down but continued to blow. He trudged through the snow feeling as if he were carrying chains attached to cinder-blocks on his body and was being whipped at by ice. "This is ridiculous," Talon thought, "Why the hell am I doing this? This isn't worth my life." Though he thought these things the thought of deserting never crossed his mind.
Talon reached a tent and hid behind it from the wind. "Where would it--" A larger tent was set up in the center of the camp. Talon clambered over and upon reaching it, burst inside with a fury of blood, anger, and a mild hysteria. The blood was from the enemy being slain before him, the anger was that he had to do this ridiculous mission, and the mild hysteria was because he wanted to get the hell out of the cold.
Talon easily slew each man inside and began to search for the package. A wooden chest sat under a table with maps on it. Talon looked over the maps and put them in a nearby pouch which he slung over his shoulder. The wrapped ropes around the chest and carried it like a pack. The wind outside had kicked up so Talon decided to wait it out in the nice warm tent.
After a long while, easily said that many hours had passed, the wind slowed and Talon decided to leave. The weather of Frejlord was tricky and unpredictable. When things seem to get better they get worse, when all seems well, you're buried in five feet of snow. Talon did not remember this and upon stepping outside the tent in front of him opened and a Frejlordian soldier stared at him. "Great," Talon thought. Talon took a step forward but as soon as he did the wind started and sent him flying into the perimeter wall.
Lucius slammed against the wall ten meters from him and Lo hit the wall next to him. Talon turned so his stomach was against the wall and felt the freezing wood against his face. He took out his daggers and dug then into the ice and began to climb. The two others did the same. Talon reached the top and the wind sent the three toppling over the edge into the snow. Fortunately they were now on the other side of the wall. Unfortunately the wind had died, the sky cleared, and the storm was over.
An arrow flew overhead and hit a guard in one of the posts. Kane continued to shoot as Talon and the others frantically scrambled up the slopes. Kane turned around and fired a large arrow into the arrow which exploded in a bright firework manner. The team ran as fast as they could in a scrambled retreat as arrows rained down around them.
The team had made it safely across the slopes and had stopped to rest. To their right a frozen river shimmered in the light. "We're close to the camp," Lo said. They followed the river and reached the campsite. "Holy..." The camp was in ruins. Arrows, spears, swords, corpses all littered the ground.
Kane crouched near a body and held up the hand. The hand was black and dark red. "Must have happened during the storm," Kane told them.

"The colonel," Lucius asked. Kane pulled the body from under the snow and inspected it.

"Don't know." He turned the body so the shoulder was showing to them. "This isn't his battalion."

Chapter 5
Melting the Frozen Heart

Talon hid behind a slope as an arrow impacted on the other side. The Freljordians had followed them down the river while they inspected the dead corpse of the Noxian battalion. Luckily they had scavenged the right supplies to combat the enemy. Talon aimed down the sight of the crossbow and shot. The arrow sped toward the right of a slope and the wind made it bend slightly to the left having it impact a Freljord in the side.
Talon saw Lo moved back another hill and wave at him. Talon counted to three and sprinted toward the hill behind his. The three others simultaneously shot, Kane shooting the most and fastest since he had his bow. Talon glanced over his shoulder and slid in the snow as an arrow that would have killed him hit the snow.
Talon scrambled to his feet and behind the hill. He reloaded his crossbow and fired another arrow. This one shot forward but dipped into the snow before hitting the target. Kane slid beside him and fired another arrow. “Have you checked the box yet,” Kane asked.
“I don’t think this is the time.” Kane shot again and Talon did as well. The two arrows hit the same archer.
“Check the box, Cry.” Talon reloaded and shot again. “We need to know what we’re protecting or even if it is worth protecting.” Talon agreed and did. Inside was a large blue crystal. It glowed with a bright aura with a soothing sensation. Talon slammed the chest close and re-wrapped it. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Kane fired an arrow into the chest of an archer moving forward.
“What is it,” Talon asked as he shot.
“That’s the heart of Iscara; a rare gem containing immeasurable magical healing qualities.” Talon didn’t question Kane, as he was half-Freljordian. Kane patted Talon’s back and ran to another hill as Talon shot. The team ran cover-to-cover for a while, picking off the enemy slowly but as fast as they could.
Talon circled around the last of the Freljordians and ran at them from the side. He blocked an arrow with his knife and then appeared behind an archer. He stabbed his knife through his chest and turned the body to block an arrow from stabbing him. Talon threw the body into the archer attacking him and spun, stabbing another archer. “Four more,” He thought.
An arrow hit one in the back and then Lo jumped out and stabbed one with his dagger. Lucius parried the sword of a Freljordian and stabbed him with his sword. Talon grabbed the last one’s arm, twisted it, broke it, and then dug his blade into the back of the man’s head.
“Where now,” Lucius asked as he cleaned his blade. Talon searched the bodies and took any knives that he could carry on his belt and dispersed the arrows among each of them.
“We’ll keep heading south-” Kane took out a compass. “-We should reach Magstaria by then.”
“A small hidden trading town.” The team made their way through the tundra. Luckily no wind blew, no snow fell, no attacks, for once in the time that they had been here, peace.
Talon entered the town and looked around. He kept his hood up and a band wrapped around his head only revealing his eyes and nostrils. The town was hidden to all non-Freljords and was a special black-market-military trading center where the Freljords could get their hands on outside technology.
As Talon passed through the town his passive instincts took over. He began to pickpocket the citizens and steal from the stands. He took an apple, lowered his bands to take a bite and re-tightened them. Talon bought a pack with the stolen coins and began to pack supplies into it. After visiting an arms dealer and buying another knife (an exquisite one I might add) he decided to meet track down Kane.
He turned to the side and a woman bumped into him and fell on the ground. “Sorry,” She said. Talon didn’t say anything and helped her up. She wore a green cloak, had brown long brown hair, and blue eyes. The woman ran off and Talon went to find Kane. He could not find her but saw Lucius in the distance. The woman Talon had seen earlier bumped into him and again fell on the ground. She didn’t pickpocket him nor did anyone around Lucius.
This time the woman’s hood fell off and Talon saw Lucius rush to help her up and why. Lucius took the woman’s hand and ran down the street. Talon went after with no rush to keep himself concealed. A man with a gray cloak and a hat on over his ears and under his hood left an alleyway and went down the street that Lucius did.
Lucius bought the woman a hat and put it on her. Talon turned his back to them and inspected the merchandise at a stand as Lucius and the woman passed. Talon ignored the merchant as he listened to what Lucius said as he passed. “Keep this on; it’ll conceal your ears.” Talon followed a few steps away and continued to listen.
“You’re not going to do anything,” The woman asked.
“No,” Lucius answered. “I’m also—” Talon grabbed his shoulder and pushed him forward. Kane put his hand on Lucius’s shoulder and they went off. Talon put his arm around the woman’s waist and followed with Lo across the street.
“What the hell were you thinking?” Kane punched Lucius again. Blood dripped down Lucius’s nose and from his eye. “I can’t believe you told her!” Another punch. “You Noxus scum!”
“I’m not a Noxian.”
“Don’t give me that!” Another blow. “We know you’re a Noxian soldier, we always knew. But we didn’t think you would actually give our secrets away!” They were a few kilometers from the town and somewhere deep in a forest. “Cry, you take over.” Talon stood up. Lucius looked up at him. He hands were bound behind his back and he was on his knees.
Talon punched him twice. “What’s your name?” Lucius didn’t answer and received another fist. “Name.” Talon hit him again. “I said ‘tell me your name’.” Lucius didn’t answer and received another vicious blow. “Tell us.”
“Never.” Talon glared down into the eyes of the man before him. Talon took out a knife and bent down. Lucius didn’t look away but the woman did. Talon cut Lucius’s binds and let him up.
“He won’t tell us his name… at least he’s starting to learn.”

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shade of fire

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I'm new to this forum, but if I may be so bold as to say this is a fun idea. I like the writing style, but careful of cliché and breaking a character's personality.

Talon is the cold-blooded killer who betrayed his only friend over knifes. He only respects those with the skill he has, being Katarina and her father. It doesn't fit him to be the type to bring home a kid to a woman does it?

That's the only thing I noticed that bothered me.

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Protect Your ADC

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I making a twist at the end that should surprise everyone. Ch. 2 should be up today

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hm i like it!

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Awesome! Continue to udpdate!!!!

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Awesome!!! Continue to update plz!!!!!!!

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Protect Your ADC

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Okay, so apparently I can't exceed 30,000 characters or something so go to "Forgotten Past, Unforgiving Future Part 2" and thank you for reading and commenting