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Boared to Death! Sejuani is a BEAST in Dominion - PROOF

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I was trying her out on a match today and while I was totally beating up on Rammus the whole fight it made me reconsider Sejuani's role.

It might be a mistake to compare Sejuani to Leona or other tanks. She is actually a lot more like Rumble(who I also play). They both have slows and sustained damage and while tanky are not invincible. Sejuani seems to have a bit more burst and a stun, while Rumble has more mobility and maybe a bit more tanky with his W. But they are very similar I think.

I don't have any elo to speak of either, but it's how I'm seeing it. And while I was having a lot of fun with Sejauni(and was thinking of a purchase), once I thought of it that way I thought "Eh, I already have Rumble.".