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Realistic low elo guide

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This is not as much as a guide but a just a different way to think about getting out of low elo.

First of all if your elo is really that bad ( below 600 ) the easiest way to raise it is to just make a new account. Since it takes around 200 wins to get to level 30 it should be easier then suffering with annoying and often highly frustrated players.

Second, learn how to "properly carry." Fact: I have seen games ( and been the one carrying) where one teammate goes some crazy meticulous score like 20-0 in 10 minutes but we end up losing since not one person on the team besides him could survive. Also, if you say your going to carry have more then one build ....

Third do not be afraid to use items that people would NEVER use on certain characters. For example not too long ago people would call you a noob for using spell vamp and going ap on mordekaiser and now it is just normal to go ap on morde.

The last thing i can think of is using what i call the golden items. These items are the optional items that you see in mobafire builds and what not. But some of the items For example: executioners calling should be used every game. Why? how many champions rely on healing ? tryndamere, morde, soraka, sion(ad), xin, yi, irelia nasus etc.

list of ideas that i came up with last minute.

timat on nasus: kill entire minion waves with one ss then sell timat end game.

executioners calling: against anyone who uses life steal, especially if you have ignite too.
100% healing reduction ends anyone

quiksilver sash: should honestly be in ever build ....

spirit visage: early game out heal everyone

Timat again .... cant get enough minon kills also forget to mention passive stacks skill effects work with timat's passive but not item effects. so your not going to slow an entire team down with timat and rylias or something like that ...