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Skin Sale: 50% Off Big Bad Warwick, Ruthless Pantheon, and Shadow Prince Malzahar

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Senior Member


I beleive Grey Warwick was a promotion for going to a certain event of something.

I bought the single bundle when Malzahar first came out and i think im about to buy the Shadow Prince version too. He (in my opinion) is the coolest looking champ in game

Grey Warwick is a skin that is unlocked after enough people that you have referred reach level 10.

Honestly though, Big Bad Warwick is one of my favorite skins in the game. It just is so cool.

If I actually used Warwick, I would pick this up immediately. It's just too classic.

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HEY GUYS, warwick 975 or 520? because in game big bad warwick skin 520 rp