Mini-map usability on Retina Display Mac Book Pros

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3 Weeks Ago

I would like to make a feature request for you Riot, and I guess you guys in the forum could probably agree.

I play on a Macbook Pro, Retina, maxed out on Apple Store, highest GPU, CPU and 16GB RAM. It can handle full 2880 x 1800 and still be 60fps depending on other quality adjustments. I really would like to use that resolution, but the problem is: Min-imap can become hard to read.

Here are some minor adjustments that could improve a lot on this setup:

1) In settings I should be able to make the Mini-map a bit larger then max settings allow right now. Also, when scaling the map, I would expect the ratio of the map versions champion icons to keep the same, so size of champions icons would increase proportionally.

2) Increasing the border thickness of champions icons is also a must. During gameplay glancing at the mini map, it's hard to see team colors in this resolution (specially playing in random pick, or team builder, when both teams use the same camp to jungle.

3) Less important but a minor request for spectate mode in this resolution would be to increase font-size or make it bold for player level.

Anyone agrees? I posted this on the support site and they redirected me here. Is this forum read and/or monitored by Riot staff? I guess this is probably somewhat easy to solve and would make the game so much better.