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I've played a couple games with her - still not sure how to build her. I play her as a bruiser - Leona seems to outclass her in terms of tanking because stuns are much mroe useful than slows, and attract much more focus. Her W scales with HP which opens up Atmog's.

DISCLAIMER: I'm really bad at this game and need halp building sejuani. Teach me pl0x

DISCLAIMER 2: I also saw no Sejuani threads in this forum. Maybe I'm blind D:



Max W first - it does surprising damage. Shyvana's W - at lvl 9 - does about 100 dps. If they're frosted, your W does about similar damage. It makes your jungle clear much faster (Q creeps, then W+E to burst the creeps down) and gives you decent DPS.

Max E second - your Q damage scales less than your E, the added slow is amazing as well. Not sure if maxing Q for the CDR is great though.

Skill order: WQEWW

WQE gives you your full combo, if you want to gank at 2/3. The full combo with the frost is what makes her jungle strong and fast.

In teamfights, R->Q->W->hit someone to frost them if you missed someone in your Q->E

In ganks, Q->W->E. R after if necessary.


Start: Cloth+5 seems like the best start right now - she needs the sustain and Vamp Sceptre is silly since her damage in jungle comes from her skills. Regrowth is solid as well, but personally i don't like Philo stone -> Shuryela's.

Early Game: A lot of people use double gp10 - I find it weak. Her ganks are strong except for her damage output. Her jungle clear is fast except for her single target damage (buffs). She lacks sustain in the jungle. Wriggles is the perfect item - Damage for stronger ganks, Armor for your tankiness, and passive for clearing camps. As an added bonus, a free ward is always great on a roaming jungler.

Boots: Merc/Tabi. Duh.

Core Items: This is where I'm stuck on. Warmog's+Atma's+FoN is decent. The reason I play her more as a bruiser is TANKS NEED TO ATTRACT FOCUS. Cho'gath does it by being so huge they have to click on him, for example (yes I know Sejuani's model is decently large, but seriously?). Building Atmog's gives you HP for your W, and Damage for your rightclicking.

A lot of people are saying how Leona is a better pick. However, constant slow is better than hard stun in the sense that you can continuously attack them. For leona, if their MS is enough, after the stun they can just run away. However, with your passive and permafrost, you can continuously right click with Sejuani. Being in the middle of the fight and doing tons of damage with Atmog's seems like a solid build.

It is MANDATORY to build HP on her - its like Volibear. Her W gains 2% damage PER SECOND based on your HP. At 4K HP, you are getting 80 AoE DPS - a substantial amount.

After that, stacking Warmog's seems like a strong build. HP scales with Atma's and her W, making it a very strong item.

Wow I'm verbose.

W is OP

She needs damage and buff clearing speed earlygame - wriggles

Warmog's scales really well with her W in terms of damage - let's build it.
Atma's is OP with Warmog's
FoN is OP with lots of HP
More Warmog's is OP.


This is just solely based on my testing with her, which is around 4-5 games (only 1 game on PIDimension though D. Leona beats her in pure tank - Hard CC is just more useful as a tank and attracts more focus. However, as a slowing machine damaging bruiser, she seems very strong.

How are you guys building her, and how do you think about her viability?

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lee sin+ this tank = OP

Just saw this amazing combo where leesin pushed me towards the tank and she glumped me D:

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Play her like Skarner. Instead of waiting for someone else to initiate though, you can initiate with her.

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30 Points in Defence Tree.

Move Speed Quints
Attack Speed Reds
Flat Armor Seals
Mr/ Level Glyphs.

Summoners: Smite and Heal (I find with a long range dash, Revery, and Permafrost she doesnt really need alternate escapes.

Standard Jungle Route.
Skill Order>W>Q>E>E>E>R Max E then Q then W last.


Cloth 5 to an Immediate Ninja Tabi>Shurelyis Revery>Negatron>Glacial Shroud>Force of Nature>Frozen Heart>Frozen Mallet>Wits End.