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Riot at SCALE 10x 2012

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I believe this goes here seeing as how it isn't technically League related.

Anyway, I have a chance to go to SCALE this weekend and I know that Riot is going to be there and I've been wanting to apply here for a while. But I had/have some reservations and have some questions that I really hope a Red or possibly just a knowledgeable community member could answer?

Seeing as how SCALE is a Linux thing, and I know nothing of Linux, is Riot looking for strictly linux based jobs, or IT or something to that extent?

I assume I would bring my Awesome (See: completely barren) resume, but on what, would I carry around a folded up paper copy or would I throw it on a USB or something?

And now I'm completely spacing and forgetting any of the questions I wanted to ask, I'll try to update this if I remember anything.

I would also greatly appreciate any tips anybody could give me.

Also just looking at the job listings real quick, it seems that all of the internship listings are down, am I SoL? or do you not list them anymore. (I'm assuming the former)

Thanks for reading!