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I think it is safe to say

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After 5 games, with 1 loss Sej is my new favorite champ.

(TT of course)

And I played against very good players. The combo of her ult then w then e is just perfect in that 3v3 team fight, it gives my team the chance to do great amounts of damage. Then as the team retreats I Q to catch up and W-E again to take them down. I love this champ.

Last match was Me/Sej - WW - Veiger against Yi-Shaco-Tryn
They were all AD though so I just built Thornmail and stacked armor/HP, I am okay at being a tank, but Sej makes me great.

Anyone else love her?

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o Tryhardamere o

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I'm loving her now that i've gotten the hang of her... I've maybe lost 4-5 out of 20+ games... She can make a bad carry good with all that CC... I must also say that i've only seen her once since release on opposing teams... What gives?