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ruind game

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I have noticed that the system of matching people up for games (and other people have commented about this) rigs it so one side should be much more capable than the other. them system seems to try and keep people around 50% win/lose rate.
pretty sure that defeats the purpose of playing a game really. To have the game decide your doing to good so it matchs you up with horrible players to make sure you lose... doesn't seem right

and that's why you duo+ que...

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I just dislike it when a game is an obvious loss at the 30 min mark, and a surrender fails. We are hanging on to our nexus by the skin of our teeth, and the game drags on for another 30 minutes still resulting in a loss. I dont have a whole lot of time to dedicate to this game, but when i have 1 hour to play, id much rather play 2 games that resulted in both being losses, than for one game to drag on way longer than it needed to because my team wanted me to "lose like a man". Well guess what, "I am a man and I wanted to surrender at 30 because i know a loss when i see one. Thanks [insert summoner name here] for going 1/15 in the first 20 minutes and ending the game as 2/23.

I think that this thread is a good place for me to push the "Barebones" mode on LoL. No masteries, no runes, no items except a complimentary pair of boots of your choosing. You aren't a man if you hide behind a cheap build and 2 shot people....not to mention your lack of skill.