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**the strong and sturdy graves build**

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You really shouldn't be going with a survivability build in the first place. Graves IS a carry. Yeah his range is a bit shorter, but he needs to be able to bring the Sweet Deeps.

A frozen mallet is plenty of health boost for Graves, especially with a Banshees. The rest needs to be actual DPS. An example is:

Dorans Blade, boots, BF Sword, Zerker boots, Phage, Negatron Cloak, Zeal, Phantom Dancer, Infinities Edge, Frozen Mallet, Banshees, (sell dorans), Bloodthirster.

This gives you high AD for early laning and boosting your AD-skills, balanced with Attack Speed boosts for highest sustained DPS, fairly early magic resist once you start roaming some, some extra surviability and snare, then we start hitting the Crit boosters midgame for true DPS boosting.

You still wind up with +50 MR, and up over +1000 health.