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banned by riots doing

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Junior Member


was banned once so played on newb account

when i got unbanned i sucked cause i got used to noobs and so i was banned again for longer.
gj riot
you should let people know **** like this before they waste money on your dumb ass game.
oh well time to move to the next game

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You don't get banned for playing bad.
You get banned for afking/leaving and not obeying the summoners code.

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For someone that is makeing a Big Claim here. You are providing absolutly no evidance of or reasoning of the suspension, or which system has suspended the acount. Also starting up a new acount to avoid a punishment for poor behaviour is not just immoral but also childish playground antics.

At a guess from the language and behaviour shown in your above post you have been suspended from the Tribunal (cannot see any recent leaves on your acount) for either offensive language, negative attitude or harasment. When a person is reported for "Unskilled" they are not suspended or even face the Tribunal, but are dropped alittle ELO from what i hear. If you raged though and insulted others then you need to change this behaviour as each time you are suspended the amount of offences required for another Tribunal hearing is lessoned dramatically, as the suspension lengths are increased.