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A Blade Reforged (A Riven story)

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HEH its funny I did a roll on random.org for Crack Relationships and it came up 2 23 witch... is Akali and Riven I am 200 words in

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The blade being reforged...it has given me an idea. I was originally going to address how I have her reforge her blade and leave it at that, but now...hm...I'll have to put it down in my little notation document. I will have to incorporate some idea, it is a good one...yessssss...


You'll have to post it once you finish it!

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Ah! I've got it! I can use this new info too! It'll be cool! I'm excited! Oh my gosh, it's sooo goood.

Yes, this'll be perfect. Thank you Xyph! And thank you GV for somehow influencing my thoughts and making me realize I can still change some things while keeping my original plans. Yessssssssss.

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Wwwwwwhoooo's ready for chapter 7?! All the Riven talk last night got me into overdrive and made me work my ass off on completing it. So here it is! As usual, any and all comments are welcome and I hope you enjoy reading it. (Note, this is a shorter chapter than the past 3 or 4, it's weird how I originally started off with like 5 pages a chapter then went into overdrive mode with the pages, eh?)

Chapter 7

Part 1/2

Riven drew back, she felt the water’s edge kiss her heel. Her sword was only a foot away from her, she instinctively reached for it. A sense of foreboding overcame her, she jerked her hand away just as a slash tore between her hand and her blade. If she had grabbed her sword she would have lost her arm. This man was exceedingly fast, just like his master was. “What’s wrong, Butcher? You defeated my master with your bare hands, can you not repeat your past feats?”

She needed her sword, she needed to get over the nausea, and she needed a plan. Yi slowly turned to face her, flicking a red droplet off his blade. Red…? She felt moisture trickle down her cheek, he was very fast. She took a stance and charged at him, he smirked as he prepared for his next strike. He made a wide swipe at her neck, she leaned backwards and underneath it only to play into his hands. He changed trajectory in mid swing into a downward slash, she tumbled away as sliced strands of her hair floated away. She rolled to her feet and grabbed her blade, readying herself properly. She looked around cautiously, he was nowhere to be seen. The whistle of wind announced his strike.

She ducked once more, the swing going far over her head, she thrust her legs upwards and knocked Yi to the ground. Her nausea dissipated, she leapt back to her feet and dusted herself off, “Why are you doing this?”

“Hatred.” Yi admitted, “At first, it was out of hatred. Then I watched your match today, and now I am confused. The hatred is still strong and I did swear to kill you, one must always keep their word.”

Riven shrugged, “Even if it is wrong?”

“No, but I am not sure if it is. Your demeanor, it is somewhat similar to when you fought Talon. His testimony solidified my beliefs for a while, I needed you dead. Then you say such a…moving speech in front of thousands. Words lie, people lie, it is their nature.” He aimed his sword at her, “It is only in fighting that the most basic truths are said. Is your life forfeit, will you lie down and let me slay you? What is it that Udyr sees but I cannot? I want to know, I need to know, I need to see if my master died by a wench, a monster, or...”

Riven stuck her sword in the ground, lowering her head as she slowly spoke,

“Your master died an honorable death, and I tried to honor his word. My orders were not to destroy your village because they knew not of its existence. I found it by pure chance, so I made a decision for myself. I did not send a report because it was not necessary, your village was a side trip at most, and I did not dare think of falsifying one. Unfortunately, every Noxian commander has a helping hand, just in case a commander does not follow the Noxian law completely and utterly. He thought I was testing him, to see if he would send the report or not. And now, we are here.”

Yi darted forward, his sword raised, “Then tell me, if everything you said in the match is true, that whole little speech, then why are you known as the Butcher still?”

Riven gripped her blade and dashed towards him, “They will call me whatever they wish, I will call myself Riven.”

“What do you mean you want me to seek her once more?” Talon stared dumb founded at Katarina who sipped away at a glass of wine. “Was one failure not enough?”

She swirled the crimson liquid around, “She knows better now, much better. I ordered it and you will carry it, no questions asked.”

Talon frowned at her, “Why pursue a failed path?”

“What did I just say?” She motioned to Talon to come closer, with a flick of her knife she drew a drop of blood, letting it fall into her glass. “Why? Because she is learning, she is becoming smarter. But she was still stupid enough to leave you behind and let that Ionian question you. What was it you told him again?”

He scowled at her, “I told him-”

“You should have told him nothing, but your own witlessness and ego made him gun for her, your…manipulation served its purpose, eventually. I was lenient in my punishment that once. Never again.” She sipped at her wine, licking her lips, “I suppose it is for the best. If more Ionians try to kill her then perhaps she will be convinced to come back to Noxus. In the end, I suppose it worked out for us. I must do something about Irelia though, she is infecting poor Riven with her drivel.”

She got up, finishing her drink in a single gulp, “Swain made a terrible mistake despite all of his planning, if only he knew people better. He thought she would simply lay down and take it. The old her would have and would have done so with glee. This is his biggest blunder, and I wish to take full advantage of it.”

Talon’s scowl did not dissipate, “What makes you think she will join us now?”

“Absolutely nothing.” Kat poured herself another glass, than filled a second glass. “But I do not need her to join us. I do not need her in that regard anymore, but I do need her to not join Swain. And as much as it sickens me, I would prefer she not join the Ionians but...that is the worst case scenario.”

“That is the worst case scenario?”

Katarina drank her glass in a single draught, swallowing the liquid with vigor, “Yes, it is at the moment. That can change when I find out what that angel said.”

Katarina handed Talon the second glass, then poured a third, “No mortal speaks to Morgana for more than a minute, she cuts off communication from her own scorn of us. But Riven, she spoke to her for several minutes. No one else noticed nor cared since it was muted. You know of my dislike of secrets.”

Talon poured the wine on the ground, “Yes, in that regard, what time should I tell your boy t-” Katarina snapped at him, “Finish that sentence and you will be eating your felonious tongue.”

She sipped at her wine, correcting herself, “I hate secrets being kept from me. Thankfully, like Swain, I have friends in high places.”

A knock on the door was heard, Katarina picked up the other glass and glared at Talon. He slowly moved towards the door, opened it and disappeared into the shadows, ever watching. Summoner Nechako stepped forward, sweeping his foot to the side as he bowed deeply towards her, “Lady Du Coteau, I have what you wished for.”

He opened his palms, magic slowly culminating within them. She frowned until he waved his hands about him, sticking his right hand into the air in front of him, withdrawing a bulging folder of papers from a glowing vortex. She smirked as she traded a glass for the folder. “Have a seat, relax, you’re with comrades now. Now then, tell me what you know.”

“Your attacks are sluggish.” Yi booted Riven to the ground and readied another strike, “What is wrong with you?”

Riven rolled out of the way of the blow and leaned on her blade, breathing heavily. That dream she just had, she had not had one of those in quite some time. All that time she spent speaking to Irelia had lightened her, but seeing the other Ionians today, and now Yi. This was almost too much, but she was stronger now, she would not let it break her. She sadly smiled at him, “Yi, who do you hate?”

He turned his blade into a more defensive position, “What game are you playing, Noxian?”

“I told you, it is Riven. And no game, who do you hate? Do you hate me? Do you despise me, is that why you’re trying to kill me so earnestly?” Riven shifted her weight, she managed to catch her breath.

Yi lowered his sword slightly, “Hate you? The person who slew the man who raised me? The one person who brought the entire Zaunite hell upon my village? I can still see the burn shadows of my sister, clutching my mother in utter terror. Answer me then, ‘Riven’, do I hate you? Do you even understand what hatred is?”

“I do.” Riven nodded her head, “I know what hatred is. I see it every day, I suppose that is one thing we have in common.” She looked at Yi, her smile still depressingly lined her face, “Years after the war, we let our mistakes catch up to us. What I can say is that I am most thankful for Irelia.”

Riven brushed her hair back, almost musing to herself, “I believe her to be...despite my lies and my history, my...my friend...”

Yi cocked an eyebrow, “Why would you believe Irelia to be anything more than your enemy? She was the one who made the pact.”

“That word, pact, I keep hearing it.” Riven bowed her head, “I keep hearing it but I still want to believe, I want to believe in something once more, no matter how minute or insignificant it may be… ‘Nevir’, hmph.”

Yi shook his head, “This is a Noxian trick, you are attempting to fool me. Irelia has nothing but contempt for the Noxians who commanded the attacks. You yourself took away her innocence, you took away her happiness. Do you know what a rarity it is to see her smile, to hear her laugh? You did that to her.” He blitzed forward, his sword raised, expecting Riven to retaliate.

Riven looked up to the incoming attack, her sad smile still there, “Truly? Then she deserves to kill me more than anyone. You on the other hand, you have no reason to do this. You do not hate me otherwise you would not try attacking me; you would have already slain me. We know why you are doing this. you and I, we do not hate anyone else except…”

She let the blade bite deep into her shoulder, a scarlet spray shot forth. Yi released his blade and drew back, his face expressing his shock. She looked at the blade snugly embedded in her, still smiling, “Ourselves.”

A blue ninja stared at Akali intensely while a smaller ninja paced back and forth impatiently. They have remained in silence for a full hour now in meditation, the blue ninja eventually opened his eyes. His brow furrowed as he spoke, “Fist of the Shadows, I have come to a decision. It is time to deliberate your judgement.”

Akali bowed her head, “Yes, Eye of Twilight. I-”

The blue ninja waved his hand, “We will now drop with the formalities. Akali, repeat why you fought with Riven.”

Akali wanted to be a smart aleck but knew better than to be snippy with him. “I fought her because of an agreement I made with Yi and Irelia many years ago. I wished to keep it.”

“That pact? I advise you against carrying it out yet you ignored my words. You do realize the way you acted did not befit that of the Kinkou? It made you look petty. Kennen, what is your opinion on this matter?” He looked over his shoulder, the short purple clothed ninja stepped forward.

He grabbed Akali’s hand and pulled her close to him, he looked over at the sapphire clothed ninja, “Shen, she acted out of her heart, her care for a member of her family. Can you fault her?”

Shen’s brow furrowed, showing his displeasure, but quickly relaxed. He looked at Akali briefly, “I have concluded thus: I will let this misjudgement of yours slide…this once. Never again, are we clear?”

Akali nodded, Kennen exhaled a breath of air, “Thank goodness never seen you guys so serious in such a long time, you need to lighten up a bit!”

He started to leap about, electricity erupting from his body from all of his pent up energy. Akali patted his shoulder, “Kennen, calm yourself, please. This deliberation is not over, I need to explain why I was so…adamant.”

“To Shen? Nah he’s fine without explanations he knows them `fore we do, y’know that’s kinda his shtick!” Kennen flipped a shuriken from hand to hand, traces of electricity trailing behind it.

“Not for Shen, for the Starchild.” Akali looked at the door, a silhouette was barely seen. Akali deeply towards the door, “Come in, Lady Soraka.”

The sound of hooves echoed the room. A woman with sapphire skin, a horn protruding from her forehead and glowing white eyes made her way carefully into the room. She bowed to the three ninjas, “Greetings, honorable members of the Kinkou. Thank you for seeing me.”

Soraka turned to Akali, “Please, tell me what this pact is that you spoke of, I fear you have made a terrible mistake.”

“I know I have. When I fought her, I did not feel like I was fighting a warrior. I felt like I was fighting a…a…” Akali rolled her hand, trying to find an explanation.

Soraka finished Akali’s thought, “Udyr’s assessment of her was most apt. if she were to fight any Ionian in her condition she would most certainly fall, and Irelia would be heartbroken.”

Akali cocked her head, “Heartbroken…?”

“To lose a friend tends to break one’s heart.” Soraka waved her finger at her, “Did you know that Irelia dislikes fighting?”

“Of course, your point being?”

Soraka softly smiled, “She and Irelia both dislike fighting, they both want more from life than simply to fight. Strange, coming from the Butcher of Noxus and the Will of the Blades, is it not? However, Irelia has a clearer purpose in life, she knows why she fights when she needs to and even when she is forced to. Irelia has that choice, she is a bright child and will steer herself true. Then there is Riven who… is unsure of herself, of her beliefs. She needs the time and guidance, she is on the right path but more death and more violence will not necessarily help her. What purpose does vengeance have if all it does is make the world blind?”

Akali rubbed her forehead, “In my defense, Irelia swore vengeance-”

“When she was how old? I am not sure, that is what you are going to tell me, but nevertheless Irelia has matured greatly in the past few years. Do you really think Irelia has kept anything else hidden from me, or that she could? She attempted to lie, I admit, and said she was visiting the newest champion ‘Nevir,’ the Zaunite fisherwoman.” Soraka tittered, “That worked for a few seconds and made Irelia feel horrid. Unfortunately she was a much better liar when she was young.”

“Why does Irelia care about this one person? Why should she care? This makes no sense…”Akali looked at Soraka pleadingly, “Please, explain it to me, I am very, very confused. How can an enemy befriend an enemy?”

Soraka’s laughter did not dim, “That is how your mother raised you, no feeling, no understanding, you are meant to kill and only kill. The only reason you feel like you owe Irelia anything is because-”

“I owe it to her for my failure!” Akali shook her head, “And now she is trying to help the very person she wished dead with all her soul.”

Soraka’s smile did not dissipate,

“She told me she wants to see the kind of person Riven wants to be, and not who she was forced to be. Sounds familiar, no? She sees within her a light, something that will push her to greatness, why else would the Noxians try so desperately to rein her under their control? Irelia was dangerously close to losing her humanity after the loss of her father, brother and people. This was exemplified, if you care to remember, at the battle of Placidium. Never the less, we gave Irelia a chance to be who she wished to be. Then there was the Noxian rematch, if she had participated she would have lost her being. That is when Udyr, of all people, helped her. He stepped in and lightened her burden the people had placed on her, and has let her try and be human once more. This is her choice, this is her chance to do the same for another person, do not take it away from her. After all, why else would you feel so terrible for fighting and killing Riven?”

Akali bowed her head, “I…I know. I am sorry. I am sorry I did not take your warning from before. What does Karma think of this?”

“She thinks it is a noble endeavor on Irelia’s part and though she disagreed at first...” Soraka shrugged her shoulders, “She came to see Irelia needs Riven as much as Riven and Karma need Irelia. Those two’s fates are intertwined, I have read it in the stars. We can only do so much for our beloved Captain, but for her to completely regain her old self and her old feelings she must face who took it away from her on her own terms, whatever they may be. And Riven, well, hopefully she knows what she must do. Now then, this pact, what is it, or rather, what was it?”

“The pact was made after Irelia’s village was destroyed.” Akali admitted, “The original pact was that which we had made to her brother prior to Noxus’ invasion.”

Soraka frowned, “Ah yes…the one we failed.”

Akali nodded, “Irelia was only thirteen years old when she demanded this deal to be made.” Soraka blinked only once, “The same year our village was burned down.”

“Yes, and the extermination squad in charge of killing the survivors was Riven’s. Only six inhabitants survived, five of them got away by retreating in time. Irelia…was found and caught by her, she spared Irelia for some reason, I am unsure why. It was then Irelia attributed all of the horrors of war to a single person: Riven. She had seen the face of those that killed her friends, her neighbors, and because she could not possibly attribute the killings to the faceless superiors and war machines… When she was brought to the Silver Talon’s village she sought me and demanded that the two of us kill Riven. With my failure as her caretaker still fresh in mind, and with Irelia burning with anger and vengeance, I agreed to it. She never told you because you would never agree to such an atrocious idea…” She winced at her own words, knowing full well of Soraka’s own horrible mistake.

After a few moments of awkward silence, she continued, “A few months later, Yi joined in the promise after the destruction of his village, he attributed it to the same person: Riven. Irelia at this time was trying to track Riven down so we could fulfill the promise, Yi caught her one time while she out scouting and demanded to be let in, to make up for his failure to her, her brother and to his village. She was to search the North East while Yi searched and butchered his way South East. They never found her, but when Irelia returned she seemed to…not care anymore. I never questioned her why, nor did I have the time to. Aside from my own training, she made her famous speech at the Placidum soon after her return. With the war resolved I returned to my training with the Kinkou. The reports of Riven's death were released soon afterwards, and we let the pact be.”

Akali cracked her knuckles out of habit before continuing,

“It was only when the reports of her reappearance in our conquered territories that we became curious. I sent Yi to investigate while I looked over Irelia to make sure she was level headed about these new reports. She did not seem to care about them, and when we won our territories back I simply stopped caring as well. However, when Riven joined the League, I waited and bid my time for my chance to face her. Irelia told me the same lie, she was seeing Nevir, the fisherwoman. I was unsure why she would lie to me but I let it be. When I got my chance to fight the Butcher, I took it. Irelia has done so much for Ionia and for once I wanted to do something for her, to give back to her. That ultimately failed. Now that I think about it, Yi has become extremely unsettled because of this over the past…few…weeks…”

Akali’s eyes widened and darted around the room, “Where is Yi?”

Shen shrugged his shoulders, “He has been training outside of the Institute with his new apprentice for the past couple of months. He is most likely in the forest still, why?”

“We need to go, now.” Akali unsheathed her kamas, “I saw Yi two nights ago and he asked if I was going to carry out the pact, I said yes and I planned to in today’s match. He replied that he would carry his part out after the match, and I stupidly agreed with him. Shen, Kennen, we need to find Yi: Now.”

Shen raised his hand, stopping Akali’s advancement, “That is not necessary, it has been arranged.”

Blood splattered Yi’s face, he simply stared at Riven as she slowly advanced on him. She grabbed his sword and tore it out, letting fresh scarlet spray forth, she was still smiling, “You hate yourself as much as I hate myself.”

She pointed his sword at him, “This pact…I do not know what it is nor do I care why it was made, not anymore. I deserve any and all punishment, and if this makes you feel better…”

She flipped his sword around and handed the handle to him, “Then keep slicing. Keep cutting, do whatever you want, if it will help you then I will accept it. If it will make Irelia happy, then do it.”

“You speak…of others. What of your own feelings? What do you wish?” Yi took his blade back, readying it.

Riven’s shoulders quaked slightly, still smiling, “I do not want to die, who does? I have fought my entire life, and all it has brought is pain to others. For once, if my life can be used to help others…then take it.”

Yi lowered his weapon, Riven’s entire countenance changed as she yelled at him, “Now you back down?! Must you face the Butcher to fight?!”

She grabbed her sword, it elongated into its colossal size, ki energy blitzing forth. Her anger seethed from her, “Or perhaps you see what I see now! I am trying to learn from my mistakes, and I want to! If you wish to kill me, then come! I have much to atone for, and I will not let you take that away!”

Yi smiled, “Is atonement all you fight for? Why then do you still use the blade that slaughtered innocents? Why do you fight?”

“I don’t know. I use this blade because it is all I know, it was my closest and dearest companion, the only thing I could ever rely on. Now…I do not wish to fight to be honest. But…” Riven raced at Yi, her feet barely touching the ground, “But I will be d.amned if I die before I find out!”

Her blade crashed downwards, her wounded shoulder still oozing blood. Yi made no effort to dodge the strike as he held his blade up, blocking the colossal blade. The force of the blow made him buckle to his knees, her blade cut deep into his shoulder, his arms quaked as his smile broadened, “Now we are even.”

He slid her blade off and disappeared. She easily detected him and caught him in mid swing, throwing him off his feet. Moisture trickled down her brow; he was close to fatally striking her. Yi raced at her once more, she actually threw her blade at him like a comically oversized boomerang. He jumped up, touching the stone blade with his toe and over, he was going to do an overhead slash when she tackled him midair. All the air escaped his lungs as he fell down to the ground, Riven grabbed his sword arm and snapped his wrist. She leapt off of him to dodge a swipe of his blade and picked up her own sword when she landed.

Yi got to his feet, wiping his mouth off of the blood that trickled down his lip. Riven spun to face him, readying herself once more, “This is what you wanted, is it not?”

“You are fighting admirably, but is it what you wanted?” Yi nodded, his sword still gripped in his misaligned hand.

Riven shook her head, “As I said, no. But a very wise, if not blunt, man once asked me if I wished to fight. I said no, and his response was that is why he fought me. I will never forget his words, or the bones he broke.”

Yi nodded, “As long as we are being honest, I must tell you something: I am not left handed.”

He flicked his sword to his good hand, Riven smirked back at him, “And I must tell you something: did you know one can use both their hands to wield a blade?”

Each slash she swung afterwards had a gust of blade wind that sliced into the surrounding; Yi was dodging them with expertise as he kept the distance between them. She had already grown stronger, her conviction to live now strengthened her. Almost every strike Yi attempted she would block and counter, etching a new gash into him each time. She did not go unscathed from his assaults, however it did not seem like she cared. Yi smiled inwardly to himself, thinking, ‘Good, these wounds are nothing to me either.’

He thrust forward, Riven attempted to twist away from it but was caught with her good shoulder, the blood erupted once more. He attempted to pull his blade back to no avail. Luckily for him he was too close for her to use her sword properly, unluckily for him she could still bludgeon him with it, a notion she made apparent on his face. Yi staggered back, dazed, his sword was still stuck in Riven. Her colossal blade seemed to peter in power, the glowing energy humming more quietly. She threw her blade to the ground, looking at Yi’s blade with a calculating look, “It is stuck near my carotid. If I remove it, I could die. If I break it, I live but you lose an heirloom passed down generation to generation of Wuju masters.”

She pulled the blade out, thrusting it into the ground. She glared at Yi, “I have approximately two minutes before I am completely drained of blood. Come on, fulfill your pact, try and take me on. I will fight you to my last breath!”

Yi and Riven rushed at one another, fists raised when a new, very angry, very riled voice boomed at them, “What in the name of every Heavenly body is going on?!”

A cheeky monkey leapt into view, pointing at them, “They’re right here Miss Swordsalot, just like I said.”

Yi shut his eyes momentarily, a slight groan escaped his lips, “Wukong, I thought you were watching. I did not see you leave.”

“I was,” Wukong admitted, “Then I stopped seeing my master and I saw a human for a brief moment. One of those smelly, disgusting hairless apes that are blinded by their own stupidity was made apparent for a moment, I’m glad to come back to my master.”

Yi sighed, nodding his head, “I suppose…I deserve that. You are right, you have witnessed a lesson in what a Wuju master should never do.”

Irelia stepped forward, her face red with rage, “Why…” she whipped a finger out, pointing at Riven, “Does Udyr have to come, interrupt a twelve hour council meeting with the Ionian Elders, not that I’m not somewhat thankful for that, telling me Riven wishes to see me and that she seemed kind of depressed after she delivered an emotional speech and I should make haste! Oh! By the way, Yi looks like he wants to kill her and Akali spoke of a pact made between the three of us that she wished to carry out! And why, are you spouting blood, like a gods d.amned fountain?! And you, why…”

Her finger whipped around and pointed at Yi, “Why are you trying to kill her?! It’s not as if you tried to kill Singed when he was inducted and he…Wait a minute… is your wrist backwards? Why is your wrist backwards?! Are you bleeding as well?!”

The two of them looked at one another, somewhat embarrassed. Irelia rubbed her eyes in an effort to calm down. It did not help, “So! Who wants to explain why I am going to have to drag two people, possibly corpses, to the infirmary?! Hm?!”

Yi and Riven looked at one another once more, they both started to chuckle. Riven broke the silence, “We are idiots.”

“That is something we can agree on.” Yi reached to his belt and withdrew several flasks filled with a scarlet liquid. He tossed one at Riven who attempted to grab it only to have it fall through her fingers. It smashed to the ground, the liquid draining into the sandy shore. She knelt down in an attempt to try and save it, but stopped and looked at the shattered glass. She picked up the fragments, letting them fall through her fingers, a genuine smile crept on her lips.

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Grand Viper

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Part 2/2

“That is everything then?” Katarina swirled her glass around. Nechako nodded, “Yes it is, Mistress Du Coteau. Have I served Noxus well?”

She stood up and motioned to the shadow in the corner, Talon slinked out. “So, that’s what Morg said. You have done well, Summoner. Talon, please find Riven tomorrow morning. I wish to see her, tell her it is only to talk: Nothing more, nothing less, I swear it on my family’s name.”

Katarina looked down at a crystal ball resting on the table, “Does that sound diplomatic enough for you, sister dear?”

A hiss came from the crystal, “Yes Kat, we will look over your dialogue for tomorrow later. For now, excuse Nechako, he has been here too long. Someone may become suspicious if not already.”

Katarina nodded and waved the Summoner off, “Talon, show him the door. Thank you Nechako,hail Noxus.”

Talon opened the door and let Nechako out. The Summoner’s footsteps echoed in the hall, he walked the darkened corridors for what seemed like hours. The sound of breaking glass ringed in his ears, his shadow came to life and materialized in front of him: It was LeBlanc. She smiled at him, “Now now, why did you go off and do something so abhorrent?”

“I only live to serve Noxus.” Nechako bowed his head as she walked around him, her heels making no sound. She smiled, “Able to resist the memory wipe, you are full of surprises, hm? Did you really think you would get away with it?”

He shook his head, “Of course not.”

“Oh dear, an intelligent martyr? Not a good combination.” Energy surged forth, Nechako’s corpse fell and shattered into crystal shards, LeBlanc smiled. The shards dissipated into dust as her heels silently clicked over his remains. She sighed, Swain had lost his touch, normally he would have drilled these men to their very core to find any double agents in his ranks. He was letting his power get to his head, a dangerous mistake made by many rulers. He needed to be reminded of his place.

With a gesture the dust gathered and a simulacrum of the former Summoner appeared, she petted his hair, “What are you going to tell the Summoners’ council tomorrow?”

“I need to find myself and I am going on a six month pilgrimage, alone, to the Shurumia Desert because I need to find myself.” he hollowly replied. LeBlanc frowned, “Try that again, with more vigor, and let’s make it a ten month pilgrimage, hm? We need to make sure you do not return.”

“So let me get this straight.” Irelia was significantly less red but still noticeably frustrated, “You attacked her because of the pact? Even though I said I was meeting with Nevir on a nearly daily basis? That did not tip you off whatsoever?”

Yi winced, “I thought you were being tricked…”

“By someone reversing the letters of their name? Riven, Nevir? Really? Are you that dense or do you think I am? How could I be fooled by…” Irelia calmed down, her demeanor suddenly apologetic. She turned to Riven, “I am so sorry, please, don’t take much offense. Nevir is a nice name, it truly is. But it was a little obvious you have to admit, even Nevira would have been a better choice. I didn't want to say anything because-”

Riven grunted in pain, her wounds were deeper than she originally thought, “That is alright. I panicked, and I was scared to face you, so I went with the first name I thought of… I am not a very creative individual.”

Irelia nodded, “I understand your fear. Almost every time you meet an Ionian you apparently get attacked. Isn’t that right, Yi?”

He groaned, grabbing his arm, “It…was rash of me.”

“If it was just the pact, I would not be nearly as upset with you, but do not treat me like a child. I am only sorry for not nullifying the pact earlier to rid you of any excuse, it is outdated and useless.” Irelia walked with broad strides while Wukong chittered beside her anxiously, “Can I get a ride next? Please?”

She looked at the monkey who seemed beyond excited, “Perhaps after we take them to the infirmary. They currently need my blades more, for some mysterious reason eluding us.” She glanced behind her. Her sword was separated into two halves: One carrying Yi, the other carrying Riven. Apparently healing potions did not restore the amount of blood lost, or at least not enough of it. Their weapons were snugly grasped in Irelia’s firm hands.

Riven spoke up, “Irelia… how long have I known you for?”

Irelia sighed, “…We met a little more than a decade ago the first time. I was very young, and very angry. You would not be able to recognize me.”

Riven turned to look up at the stars, they shimmered brightly. “…Irelia, what did Udyr tell you…”

“…Riven wanted to see me.” Irelia rolled her shoulders comfortably, “That was all that was needed to convince me to come. What hurried me was Udyr saying Yi was stalking you, and I should find Wukong if I wanted to know what he was up to. Thankfully Shen gave him written directions to give to me to find Wukong, or else I would have been spelunking fifty miles deep inside a cave.”

Riven took a breath in, “Irelia…I need to ask you for a favor or two.”

“Anything. What is it?” Irelia did not look back as Riven slowly asked, “Can you arrange a meeting with Lee Sin? The sooner the better.”

Yi shot her a glance, Irelia simply expressed her surprise, “Master Lee? Why?”

“I know my old teacher can help me in what I aim to do. I need him to do this though.” Riven swallowed nervously, she knew what had to be done and she was going to have to do this, she could not longer run from her worst enemy.

Irelia was shocked, “Old teacher? What did he teach you?”

“A few things…” Riven breathed in and out raggedly, “And for my second favor…”

Irelia nodded, waiting for Riven to ask. She clenched her fist, her voice shaked, “…Can…can we meet for lunch? Twelve hundred hours? I wish to talk about today’s match, about Lee, some literature…about some ideas…that is, if I can I still call you fr-”

“On one condition…” Irelia interrupted, throwing her a cheeky smile, “If you smile more often. You have a good smile, it’s a shame you don’t show it more.”

Riven chuckled, “I…I suppose I could try.” She leaned back onto Irelia’s sword, a smile crept on her face. This was good, it was best this way, no? She knew the answer this time.

Yi could not help but notice Irelia dragging Riven’s blade on the ground, its tip trailing in the earth below, scratching a thin path behind. It had been more than ten minutes since the fight alone, and her blade still had not dissembled itself back into its broken state yet. Apparently no one else noticed except Yi. She was on the right path, but would she be able to follow it through? Only time will tell, he would give her that chance. She deserved that much.

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'The best way to defeat one's enemy is to make your enemy your friend.' -Sensei Wu

Yes, I know it's cheesy, but it's true. Especially in your writing tonight!

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Wow. That was cool. I'm gonna have to go back and make sure my chapter's duel can compete with that.

I did notice at one part, with Leblanc, she mentions Swain is losing his touch twice. I thought that seemed a little odd, reading it. Was that just a victim of quick-editing? (edit: you fixed it. )

Other than that, I'm still thoroughly impressed. I look forward to seeing what happens next. You seem to like revealing just enough to keep us guessing. :P

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This was the first fan fic I ever read. Then I read your other stuff.
I know I haven't waited as long as your other fans. But from last night to waiting for chapter 7.... I was reliving the wait for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood all over again.

Count me as another fan.

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I'm still here, and your stories are still awesome. I especially like the references to names in your other thread.

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Ryugi Kazamaru

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Delightful, GV. Well worth the wait. Makes me want to write more on mine.

Of course I had a bit of a distraction this evening (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=21380798#post21380798) when I returned from playing DnD, and fawning over all the newly-released Fiora info.

In any case, very well done, and I can't wait to see more!