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Manamune on Blitzcrank

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Getting it first is very important as the longer you have it the better it becomes, you want to be able to charge it as much as possible even before the game even starts.
This is a quick write up of roughly why this works on Blitz now your build may differ but the end result is that manamune is not only for the damage but the insane shield your passive gives you once a min.

The same is true for any item that gains value over time. However, that early tear isn't providing much for that first windmill fight, which may or may not weigh very heavily on the outcome of the game.

If you win the first fight, then you're ahead of the game, you'll likely build boots + sheen next anyway.

If you lose the fight, you're now behind. What if, hypothetically, you would have won the fight had you purchased Sheen?

I suppose I'm erring on the side of gaining as many advantages as possible for that first fight. Then, arguing whether or not it is still valuable to pursue the Manamune.

Of topic, critiquing the remainder of your build... I don't agree with some of your item choices. Why berserker's greaves? You have a fantastic built-in steroid. Why FoN over Odin's Veil? Just for movement speed?

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The beserker greaves are there only as a fill in, as Tabi was on it's way out at the time now Boots of mobility are the main choice.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion this is only my take on it. The reason for FoN over odin is because of the speed boost whether you need it or not that late in the game with boots of mobility is questionable. Odins veil is the better choice if the game is close and your not back capping with your speed.
And as for starting items there is always an upside and downside, I believe it depends more on your pulls in the first fight and how your teams takes advantage over it. If you lose windmill you are behind anyways and if you take it you are ahead so it's always a gamble.