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I've read that F12 takes screenshots?

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Good thing riot's attention is being drawn to someone who's SCREENSHOTS aren't working properly when there have been COUNTLESS threads/posts about HUGE FPS problems in game for over 2 weeks, yet nobody has said a word.

(Not to take away from your screenshot issues, I hope you get it fixed, but Riot prioritizing this over unplayable FPS issues for LOTS of players is pretty ridiculous.)

Yeah I can see the FPS fluctuation issue (randomly dropping from 120 to 74) and one of my friends gets random unplayable FPS as a result but if you're actually interested in starting something about it, make a real thread and gather hardware info until it can't be ignored.

Alt + Print Screen will take the current window and put it in your clip board.

Open pain and ctr+v (paste) it in and save the image.

It's what i've been trying but from my original post, doing this is actually inconsistent.

When I use the print screen method, what happens depending on patch version (I think this happened for the pre-Ahri patch), is that despite having the PvP.net client as the focus window, hitting print screen gives me everything on my screen as though the PvP.net client wasn't there.

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Just download zscreen and it will auto printscreen your current window (Or full screen), save it to a specific destination then upload it to an imagehosting site of your choice!


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big jello



Any ides on how to unbind this key
mine sticks =(