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**How do you counter shaco jungle?

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Junior Member


Counter jungle his red after blue. Depends what character you are going to use but generally invading the camp after the boxes have been used on the neutral gives you an advantage. It's a tricky one.

Alternatively, you can go a tanky jungle (this is draft mode circumstances) like Jarvan, Amumu etc etc.

Good luck

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cv pretty much tells you where shaco is at all times early game.
CV their red (shacos usual starting point for early ganks). if he is there, then tell the lanes he is closest to to be careful.
If he is not at their red, then he will likely be at your red or his blue, then go for your red after, looking for a counterjungle. you should then proceed to steal his red after u take care of your blue. realize that shacos jungle speed falls off after 3 (he can't preset boxes) and the longer he goes without ganking, the worse he gets as the game goes on. he relies heavily on his early game kills/assists.

if you guys don't have cv, you really need your teammates to look out for you and guard your entrances till at least 1:40.