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Thinking about my first major social expedition.

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So. First off, here's my story so you can understand my situation.
Basically I've been homeschooled all my life. A couple years back I lived in North Carolina and had a pretty big circle of friends and I was comfortable there.
Then my dad lost his job and we moved to Florida.
We aren't financially well off so my mother (the one who homeschools me) is writing this curriculum to make money that is taking a tremendous amount of time. Basically she hardly has enough time to effectively school me.I have to take responsibility for every part of school which is outside of the curriculum shes writing that only covers writing and literature, the latter of which I will probably never even need. Also she has Fibro Mialsia or whatever its called and spends quite a bit of time sick in bed. As you can see, she just barely manages to school me. There is no time for her to get me involved with other homeschoolers (in NC we were in a co op where I had plenty of opportunities to socialize)
So basically, I have lived in Florida for two years and don't know the name of a single person in the entire state. I'm basically pathetic.
So I have decided that I need to change this. Tonight, I intend to go to Friday Night Magic for the first time. Nerdy, yes, but its the situation I'll be most comfortable in to start off, so I might as well take this first step. I have some really old cards but those will be rotated out by now, I'm sure. And I haven't played in forever. I intend to buy a starter deck or something and pay up the 10 bucks and have a good time even though I'll probably get my ass kicked. But before I do this, how hospitable is the magic tournament environment to a person who basically has forgotten how to play and has **** cards? Because if its a hostile environment, I'll probably just go play at a f**king pokemon league or something.