Do you have problems due to blue/purple perspectives?

Yes (All the time / Sometimes) 18 66.67%
No (I don't see the problem) 8 29.63%
No (I change my camera angles) 1 3.70%
Voters: 27. You may not vote on this poll

Perspective InGame (Blue/Purple).

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Note: If it's too much text or if it's unclear, let me know and I'll sum it up, I just write down things as I understand 'em.


Several friends I know in both real life and in-game have complained about how they can't see what I've been seeing on my screen, this has caused a little bit of conflict until I got a chance to look how LoL looks for them.

Under some screens/resolutions, you're either at an advantage or disadvantage. For instance, if you're Blue Team pushing top past the 1st turret, you can see more in the battlefield than if you're Purple Team gettin pushed past your 1st turret, the opposite may apply on top. This caused by BoxTV-like and Panoramic screen resolutions, which could be fixed by tilting the perspective depending on your location in the map.

In general when you play Purple, it's harder to play due to the perspective (apparently you can see less if you're the dude(tte) on top-screen [not to be confused with top lane]). It might be an issue brought in by gettin accostumed to playing against Bots (AI's) while in training. I'm aware in some systems you can switch perspective (in mine I can't, tried it all); if there was an option to change perspectives when you're purple "as-if-you-were-blue" with special markers on the minimap or ingame roads indicating top/bot, this might improve gameplay for some players.

These issues can be confirmed or at least backed up a bit if numbers point at blue being more favorable to wins rather than purple, or even determine if for example top-purple has an advantage due to perspective; I've got a feelin that I've been winning more as blue than on purple, or at least that I get more chances at it.

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I play windowed and in a low(ish) resolution, and I really don't have much of a problem. I'm always unlocked and play plenty of champions with long ranged skillshots, no problems at all for me.

Maybe some people have trouble and that would be enough reason for Riot to rectify the situation, but for me personally there's no issues.

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There is also a problem where objects at the top of the screen are viewed at a different angle than objects at the bottom of the screen, which creates an optical trick that creates the illusion that objects at the top of the screen are being stretched vertically, making skill shots more difficult when aiming at targets near the top of the screen. It also allows characters to hide behind towers, if an opposing player wishes to target them, they must change their viewing angle, which creates advantages/disadvantages that are situational and not made apparent within the officially noted game mechanics.

TL;DR Position your camera so that you can see both towers of mid lane, and then measure their height, you will see that the viewing angle of the camera is not consistent over the area of the screen, which causes problems for skill shots and targeted abilities.