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Random crash of the client

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Hello, as title said, my client crashes in almost every game i play since the volibear patch.
The crashes are random, after 1,10 or 30 mins of the game, and it came with 3 different kind of error: 1 -> "pvp.net launcher has stopped working", 2 -> bug splat window with the "send- dont send" buttons, 3-> BSOD from windows.
I read a lot of similiar threads and i tried all the possible fix but no one work.
I tried even to copy all the file of the game from another pc (one friend) because he doesnt have error at all, but it didnt work.
I know this is a problem that many people have, but its not possible to crash 5 times in a single game (it happened to me, more than one time).
I tried to reinstall, repatching, delete some folder in order to repatch, update vido card drivers,update net framework, adobe air, delete corrupted file (bug splat window always detect some log files as corrupted) but nothing worked.
If this matter, the problem get worse in the evening (my gmt is +1, so i got more crash (like 3-4-5 in a single game instead of 1-2)
I hope in some miraculous fix, and sorry about my english.