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Banned, Question about e-mail not being sent.

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Hello and thank you for taking the time to help. Recently I have been banned for 3 days due to the tribunal for what is likely acts against the summoners code. Whether or not I agree or disagree with the being banned for the reported actions as of late I feel more and more people vote to punish before reading everything in the report or the context it was in. My concern though comes in the fact that I didn't receive any e-mail about being banned or the reasons for it. I checked out http://support.leagueoflegends.com but it says it can't provide details for the reason of being banned or than the e-mail I suppose to get and didn't. I have received all my other e-mails from RIOT about point purchased, news, and up coming events. I post about this just to make you aware that a problem has occurred and may have for other people as well in regards of the Banned e-mail. Again thank you for your time.