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The league of heroes: Chapter 1: Escape

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Hope you enjoy.

I stay on the bed of my cell, having thoughts of how the hell i came here.
All i can remember is the noxian high command order an execution on me for the murder of Dr. mundo, the mad man of zaun, in three days from now. Until then, ill have to wait in this corporate prison that is under a warehouse.

Tomorrow is the execution, and I have no hope of getting out of here. There bars keep any source of magic out of my reach, meaning if Ezreal doesn't suddenly appear and give me his amulet i will never get out of here.

Suddenly, I hear a loud explosion from the end of the hallway and see with my bewildered red eye(he has Gothic style hair that covers his right eye) that prisoners were escaping.
I see a man, who calls himself graves, destroying the prison bars one by one.
He reached me, but did not say anything, nor move or show any hint of life.

"There he is! STOP HIM FROM BREAKING THE NECROMANCER OUT!" Yelled a guard who was running with four others.
I thought Graves wold leave me here and run, but he didn't.
Instead, he grabbed my cells leaver and pulled it down.

"So, you killed mundo, the tank who keeps running with full health against two people? I thought he cant be killed" said graves, as I was washing the blood of the guards of my black t-shirt while the ship we just nabbed sailed in the night.

For some time i stayed silent, until graves asked again.
"Did you really kill mundo?"
"I did"
"Why? for money?"
"Then why?"
For a moment, I hesitated.
"Why did you kill him?"
Finally I said:
"Self defense, he was going to kill me to do some research on my dark arcane powers, but he underestimated me, so I had to kill him"
"But his body was found in his laboratory, and his assistant said you were the one who killed him on the spot"
"The assistant is nothing but a liar and the body was moved to the laboratory by some guards I saw"
"But the noxian high command...."
"Did not make a trial at all, they just ordered an execution on me without any scene of justice"
Silence surrounded us for an hour or so.
"Graves, thanks for getting me out of there"
"No problem, but here is the deal kid, I'm joining the league soon to see a.......old friend of mine. So if you want to join, I can guaranty that you will be protected from noxus"

For a moment I thought of it.
But just then, the ship crashed into some rocks and everything went dark.

Did you like it? hope you enjoyed reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it.