why does this happen

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Legacy Of Zyzz

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Why does this happen!

Why am i in Gold and then i get a teamate with high elo and then a person who is low elo. Like premade scrubs. How come riot allows people who have 1200 elo to be in my game when im 1520+?

those people are in low elo, they should have to climb out without ruining my games with there awful game play. IF they wanna play with there 1700 elo friends or whatever, make those 1700 lose elo for playing with them. No reason those 1700 should be playing with 1200 people anyways.

Is there a reaosn for the madness? Like a real reason why they let bads into higher elo to ruin games? I understand that if the Higher elo persons team loses they lose like 20 elo, but its still BS that i have to have a crappy person with me

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id say it should fall on the higher ELO player to decide because ive played games with friends who are far and beyond me in skill but had no problem and in some games dominated.its not so much riot as the players we should complain to.