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We are looking to start a team in NZ, and are looking for dedicated player whom can commit to playing at least 3hrs in the evening and can play almost every day. As we all know, IRL is priority and we take that into consideration but, at the same time we are serious about our LOL playing and are looking for players with the same attitude. If you live in NZ and are willing to dedicate your time, leave us a post here and we can discuss further involvement on this team.

I will be looking to start a few tournaments here in NZ (Auckland Area) and would like to get a team going now, before the tourneys kick off. This way we have been well practised and can synergize well with each other already.
If you feel that this is something you have been waiting for please post here, and or email me at and let me know these following things:
1) Age
2) Preferred Position
3) Preferred Champion
4) Availability each day

If we can get a solid team whom can make great plays and synergize, I think we can expand the NZ seen of LOL even more than it is now, but I need the help of the team. I have had plenty of participation with organizing events and guilds from other games such as D2, D3 etc. This is nothing new to me, but I need players whom are willing to go the distance with me.

If you have any questions for me just post here or email me if you feel that is a better way of getting your question across. Just remember that this is the Internet and we do have trolls and flamers that search for things like this to entertain themselves, so please post accordingly and make sure you include the 4 criteria I have mentioned above.

Thanks for your time and I hope to see you on Summons’s Rift soon.

HD (H4ndsD0wn)