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Im here to talk about the change that you guys did to Kha'Zix. I was actually very upset about the change and i know this change was a awhile ago, but i just wish that you didn't Nerf him so much that he is basically no playable and this has bothered me for awhile because Kha was one of my favorite champs but i can not play him anymore because he does no damage. and even if i try to play him it doesn't work because of the ult and Evolved Q change he can no longer assassinate people anymore so he can longer be the guy who goes to the back line and kill the ADC which is annoying. I wrote this because i would like to see if you could possibly buff him again or just make him playable again like bring back some of the things you changed with the Evolved Q but can you please bring back some of the damage reduction on his ult like 40% or 30% but just a little please.
I hope you understand where im coming from with this. if you do this i would be so thankful to you guys, but keep up the good work and im hoping to see the new map update soon Thank you