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Ashe Build?

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l Kool Kat l

Junior Member


Hey I need some help on a build for Ashe. Pretty much a build that will deal me high damage, because i wont be rushing much. I was thinking of doing AP build. Is that right? If you could tell me the items I should purchase or what kind of build I would be grateful.


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Senior Member


As Ashe, you just want to have a permanent slow on the enemy team with Volley and Frost Shot. AP really only helps out with Enchanted Crystal Arrow.

I suggest getting and Infinity Edge along with an attack speed item (Last Whisper, Wit's End) and then something for defense or more damage (Banshee's Veil, Guardian Angel, Madred's, Bloodthirtster, Black Cleaver...)

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I'm around +35 to +40 Ashe with her as my main, and I've bounced around different item builds, and I've found two that worked well.

1) If your team is not going to be trying to gank early, allowing you plenty of time to farm, and the enemy mid is good at harassing you (Trist, Katarina, etc.) then try:

Sapphire Crystal + Health Potion (x2)
Catalyst + Boots
Brutalizer or BF Sword (depending on how well you're farming)
Infinity Edge (regardless which you picked last)
Last Whisper (if they are armor stacking) or Black Cleaver (if not)

Upgrade Catalyst when you want the Banshee's Veil protection, and upgrade the boots when needed. If you have more time, continue building offensively--upgrade a Brutalizer, buy a Bloodthirster, build a Stark's, it's pretty flexible.

Advantage: once you have a Catalyst, you have outstanding mana regen, enough health regen that you can't really be harassed out of your lane, and you get great gank protection from the extra health. The extra Volleys can really do wonders for farming, and it makes an enemy jungler much less dangerous.

Disadvantage: it takes a long time before anybody is scared of your damage output, so you aren't going to be pressuring the enemy out of the lane, either. If the ganking starts before you have your damage built, you can't contribute much, and if you don't do a great job farming, that is guaranteed to happen no matter how defensively the two teams play.

2) If you want to play aggressively and actually force the other guy out of your lane, and you have confidence in your ability to not need the Catalyst to keep healthy, this build will let you deal good damage right from the start:

Longsword and Health Potion (x2 if you have Teleport)
Brutalizer or BF Sword (depending on how well you're farming)
Infinity Edge (regardless which you picked last)

After that, it really depends. If you went with Brutalizer, pick up a Black Cleaver; you're ignoring a large pile of armor already, so it'll be a while before Last Whisper pays off, and the Longsword you still have will be used up. If you did not build Brutalizer, then Last Whisper if the enemy tanks are getting their stuff in place, or Black Cleaver if they aren't really stacking armor, and both still use the Longsword from the start.

If you have a Brutalizer and are farming very well, you can also pick up an Avarice Blade and upgrade the Ghostblade sometime.

If my team is going well, I will frequently have something like Brutalizer - Boots of Upgraded As Needed, Infinity Edge, Avarice Blade, Black Cleaver when the enemy team is about to crack.