A few HUD suggestions mainly for team fights.

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1. Create a keybind that, when pressed, unoverlaps all name plates and makes then clickable to target a champion.

2. Show ult status in nameplate either as a gem or by the border of the plate.

3. For map pings not in your field of vision place an arrow on the screen border pointing towards the ping with some visual indication of the distance to the ping (stretchy arrow, Xkm below it). Allow clicking on the arrow to act like a click at the ping location, or if that is error prone, tie being able to click it to the "smart" button (shift) or the button I asked about for #1 above.

4. Make a button I can hold down or some other mechanism by which I can say "go to this point, even if I am clicking on an enemy champion or minion. Just get as close to it as possible, I don't want to attack, I really, really want to go here."

Maybe / maybe not:
1. When you use the #1 item I mentioned above, have the nameplaces switch from showing health/mana to showing each of your ability icons. Click on an icon to use that ability on taht nameplate's target.