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game visually buggy

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Senior Member


i was chatting with a vayne after one of the games was done and my computer screen flashed off then back on im not sure if it was a power related issue but it seemed like it.

then after that i tried to play a new game and basically this happened


lines were coming out of all the units and my friends vayne skin's visor was shooting out a huge blue triangle that would flip in space depending on where he was facing. ive tried the following things to fix it

1. exit game and rejoined
2. completely closed the game client and joined
3. used the repair option
4. restarted my computer

nothing is fixing it. there are still random lines shooting out of things D: do i have to reinstall?

edit: seems like a video driver issue.

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Senior Member


If you have and NVIDIA card it could very well be a driver issue. However, if you have NIVDIA control panel, check MANAGE 3D SETTINGS on the Global Tab and make sure that Antialiansing - Mode is set to Off. Hopefully this helps.