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Question for blitzcrank E

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Is it possible for his E to crit?

If it does does it crit for 2x or only the base damage?

What happens when you put infinity edge on blitz and you crit with E? Is it possible to be doing 650% damage like that?


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Here is my understanding of how it works...

You can crit, but the crit amount isn't doubled on all of the damage, just the base attack.

Power Fist = regular attack + attack damage

The "regular attack" can crit.

Say you have 10 attack damage.

Non-crit Power Fist will hit for 20 (Regular attack of 10 + Power Fist addition of 10), so that's 200% of a regular attack.

If you crit, power fist will hit for 30 (Critical Regular attack of 20 + Power Fist addition of 10), so that's 300%

If you crit with IE, power fist will hit for 35 (IE Critical attack of 25 + Power Fist addition of 10), so that's 350%.

It also won't appear as a Critical, just as a spell when the damage pops up over the enemy's head regardless of if you received a crit proc.

This is all just the base damage without taking runes, masteries, or sheen-like effects into account.

I feel like I explained this poorly, let me know if you need more clarification.

Or just correct me if I'm wrong.

Edit: I believe Sheen changes your "regular attack" to do more damage so any sheen/lichbane/etc procs would be added to the "regular attack"