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Percent Based Health Runes

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Junior Member


I saw a post that they don't become more effective than the current flat/health-per-level runes until roughly 4000 health.. but that's not my question, as I've an idea of who they're best for.

Cho'Gath, the biggest baddest meat popsicle to land in the Fields of Justice. Does anybody think the .5% and 1.5% increased Max Health Seals/Quents stack with other runes, masteries, items, and Feast? Or is it something lame like how the old Expanded Mind mastery used to work for mana, where it only increased your BASE mana by 5%?

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They'll work with Cho's feast, masteries, runes and items.

They're still not worth using though.

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Found the problem.
Health per level is added (at least with the mastery) after percent health.

Problem only resides in the Mastery health per level from what I can see. I didn't go into great dept of testing as the rounding seemed obvious at level 2-3 after I figured it out.

Health per level runes are applied before percent runes.
+30 Health mastery is applied before percent runes.
Items are applied before percent runes.
Base health and base health growth are applied before percent runes

Why are mastery health per level the only exception here?

Riot please fix this.