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Heroes of Newerth's current time might be League of Legends future time

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Like really, Lorewise, obviously not way people leaving HoN because of Dota 2, no no no...

if you read HoN's lore, or the lore in the other games of the sequel (like Save:Battle for Newerth) , it's practically a futurisitic setting where there was an apocalypse and then humans are threatened by intelligent beasts.
It also mixes sci-fi with fantasy, so it's like Technamaturgy (Magic / Science), and already right now, we are having intelligent beasts in the plague jungles and Twitch....

Assume some apocalypse happens like another great war, Freljord butchered in cold blood in Volibears vision, or Malzahar's vision of the Void Attack, it might be a Newerth type f situation if they overcome those calamities.