Leona on Dominion

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leona is basically a stunbot. u build her tanky to she can stun more people before she dies. its that simple.

u build tanky dps on dominion just so the fight doesnt become a 4v5 damage-wise.

as for why u dont go any other champ as a stunbot, its very simple. leona is better at it. she has an aoe stun/slow, an immobalize, and melee stun. no other champ has that many stuns. going with her passive, ur job is basically to live long enough to keep stunning people.

i like to build triforce, sunfire, abyssal. i'm usually the one that engages a teamfight. i have so many stuns and defense that it works quite well. to go along with that, i sometimes build sweeper when theres a stealth. revealing a stealther like shaco, vayne or akali stops him from being annoying later.