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Orianna bottom lane

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So you want orianna in Dominion . Shes actually my favorite champ and I have made her work every game. Try this build out and you may like it (im thinking of mobafireing it ^^). Start with boots an amplifying tome and a meki pendant. Next if you are bottom id build the codex, if top i build my CDR boots, after build the one you havent yet. Next a basting rod then the morellos tome. Next build a chalice it fixes your mana issues. After this build the hourglass and you should be set for the rest of the game . Overall I find she is best played as a support. Since mobility is a key factor in dominion you can seriously influence the game in your favor. Also she can heavily guard a turret when she has garrison so make sure you pack that. GL

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21/0/9 on masteries

Start Catalyst + Pot
Pick up early vamp (your call on revolver or wota)
Stack the as much AP as possible from there
If you can pick up CDR runes so you can get more AP without building that 1 extra cdr item.

Items i like are Death cap, Rylai's, Odyn / RoA (depending on stats needed), Wota, Lichbane. Boots of choice either lucidity or sorc.

What i find she's good at countering is medium pushers, things in line like heimer or other decent but not horribly strong champs, also some melee champs so long as they lack CC / Gap closers.

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I haven't played her much, but I always go with Tear and boots first. Her mana goes quick, and if you aren't making use of her zoning than you aren't playing her strengths.

Personally, I would say Tear + Boots
Merc Treds

Then Hybrid damage + tankm making use of AA to get damage from APless items

Glacial Shield for Mana (AP) armor and CDR
Possibly Wits end for Attackspeed, MR
Slow Staff

Skilling Order is dependent. If the enemy isn't a super farmer/pusher, grab poke build.


If you need to farm, max shield and slow


That's my opinion anyways.

Masteries? Not sure. I personally Like defense on everything cause I think it's one of the best trees all around, going 9 offense for magic pen, then grabbing 6 Armor MR, 6HP/level, 30HP, 2 lee dmg a hit, Initiator, 8% CDR at 18, and then 3%HP and 10% Disable reduc.

Summoners? Despite the popular dislike of it on Dom, I role Flash every game, on every champ, especially bot lane. The jump is far enough to jump from bush to bush in an escape, or over the small sections of the walls to gain distance, or to gain distance for the last hit. Surge has potentail since she makes use of both the AP and AS, but I would argue more towards Ignite as a second, since many bot laners have sustain built in, or as a mandatory item. (Ryze, Morde, Yorick, Heim, Morg, ect. ect.)

Runes? Mpen Reds, HP Yellows, maybe CDR blues? Quints would probably be Run speed, since I recently have become fond of them.

Played a game as her bot, came out as 10/4/19. However, it should be noted that I did need a lot of help at bottom against Yorick. Now, whether the ganks were needed cause of being against yorick, or something else I can't really tell you.
Final build was AA Merc FH Wits Rylias and a blasting wand, thought the goal was a Deathcap, runes and masteries were as above.

After reviewing her Mana Costs, Im going to do skill up differently.
I will go QWE Q Q R E E E E R Q Q W W R W W

I raise Q to 3 and stop because at that point it is 60 mana a use, equal to E, only E has no mana cost increase, and gives survive ability, damage, and I believe travel faster. W is maxed last do to the amount of mana it uses. Hopefully this should keep mana levels more steady.

If this brings only limited success I'm ganna also focus a lot less on AP since she has low ratios anyway and perhaps go Hybrid / on-hit.

I had just realized this, but E damage doesn't degrade as it hits more people according to text, possibly making it the best poke. Perhaps it should be maxed first?

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I like Orianna a lot in dominion, I'd say she's one of my "I need a win" champs in dominion. (Although my last couple games I've been the poor victim of being on the team that has a player disconnect early on)

I'll list out what I've been using and having success with:

Runes: Mpen red, Flat Armor yellow, MR/lvl blue, Flat AP quints
Masteries: 26/0/4 picking up all the caster stuff from Offense including the attack speed mastery then grabbing expanded mind and enhanced recall from utility
Summoner Spells: Surge + Ignite

My Core Items: Prospector's Ring>Sorcerer's Shoes>Rabadon's Deathcap>Nashor's Tooth
After the core I'll get a rylai's/abyssal/hourglass depending on what kind of defense I want to focus on and also a void staff if the enemy is building for MR. I'll also consider a hextech sweeper or just the kindlegem to bump myself up to 39% CDR.

As far as playing as a bottom champ goes I've had success with her but the first couple levels can be a real struggle against certain champs or just certain players even. One little trick I've liked that's helped out is if I get pushed back towards my tower a bit and my lane opponent starts hiding in my bush waiting for me to either engage him or try to push the creeps, then I just toss my ball into the bush and just leave it there. That way the creeps will notice them and go into the bush after them instead of just wandering past them.

Also I've seen a few comments talking about it being a lot harder to land Orianna's ball on dominion since player move is more unpredictable. One of my favorite things to do is to latch my ball onto an melee ally with her E and let them do the positioning for me. It's incredibly satisfying R+W'ing an enemy over my ally that's just behind them when I'm completely out of range that Q would never reach. Even in bottom lane this is a useful tip, especially if you have someone coming down to gank. Latching a ball on to a rolling rammus or lee sin just as he's about to leap onto the enemy, lots of fun.

I've been able to help win games while playing as Orianna in bottom lane, but I enjoy her a lot more and feel like I'm contributing more when I get to go top with her. Having allies around to use for ball positioning is useful and I find it fun when it let's me help with kills I would have been out-of-range of otherwise. That said, I'll still play her bottom lane if nobody else on my team wants to volunteer.