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League Of Legends (Origins)

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Hey yall! This is the first time I've posted in the forum. I've actually been working on this story for quite some time now, but I never got it down on paper. It was only about 3 months ago when I actually started writing it. In this story, some characters are a little different from what it says their lore, so don't be to judgmental about that part. Also, ages might vary from how old the champion actually is compared to the game and the story. All that aside, I hope you enjoy chapter one.

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Long ago, two unnamed armies fought a war that jeopardized the lives of mankind. Many victims, innocent people lost their lives during this bloody conflict. Finally, the great spirit, Urf, the Manatee decided that the war has gone on long enough. He said that in order to end this war, there would be tournament. Both sides of the army must hire champions for all over, in order to participate, representing their side. They spread out to many places, searching for heroes, including the Earth Dimension, The Void Realm, and The Spirit World. The tournament was a less violent way to resolve this war. To motivate heroes to participate in this war, it was said that the winner would be bestowed with money, fame, and power which the even god would fear. In the end, one hero emerges victorious, and the war had finally ended. This hero’s name was Doran. To celebrate the end of the war, the tournament was now held every generation, in honor of Urf. It is now the start of a new generation, meaning the tournament will soon be held in the near future. This begins the dawn of a new age, the beginning...of the League of Legends.

The boy slow climbed up the wall, breathing heavily. He took a quick look down and gulped.

“Pretty far drop…” He told himself, as he continued to climb.

Finally, with one last heave, he pushed himself up with the rope, and got up on the next level. He took a quick look around, making sure it was safe. Then he turned back around and started to pull back up the rope.

“All clear!” He shouted to his partner.

He finished up rolling up the rope and started walking around the new room he was in.

“Hmm…This room is probably ground level right now…”

Suddenly, there was huge explosion coming from the lower room. The boy turned around and looked behind him when there was a second small explosion, causing a huge dust cloud. Covering his mouth, and coughing, he waved his hand to clear the dirt in the air. Slowly, it died down and his partner, stood there, with their luggage and a huge cannon in her hands.

“Jeez, Trist. Be careful with that thing! Just cause I said it was all clear, doesn’t mean you should start making a whole bunch of explosions and what not.”

His partner laughed and replied, “Sorry Ez. It’s the only quick way I could get up.”

The boy, Ezreal, shook his head, and continued to walk through the halls. His partner, Tristana, follow behind.

“Man, I still don’t get it. Why did I have to climb that 60 foot wall, when you coulda just launched us both up there…” Ezreal complained.

“I told you,” Tristana answered, “You had to check if the ground was safe first. If I just launched us up without any idea of what was there, it could have been very dangerous.”

Ezreal sighed and stretched his arms up high. They soon enter another room that was completely closed off.

“Another dead end, huh?” Tristana said.

“Hmm…This shouldn’t be right…” Ezreal began, “Here, lemme see the map again.”

Tristana nodded and took a scroll out of her back pack and handed it to him. Ezreal took a long look at the map in confusion.

“Hmm…No…This can’t be right…” He started to talk to himself.

“…Ezreal?” Tristana questioned.

Ezreal began to rotate the map around.

“Could this be it?” He asked himself.

Tristana let out a long sigh and shook her head.

“This might take a while…” She explained. She took off her back pack and set it on the ground, so she could help out Ezreal with the map, when suddenly, the ground began to shake. They both turned to the bag, which was the cause of all the shaking. It had been sunken down a few feet, placed on top of a panel. At the same time, a door was rising on one side of the wall, leading to another hall.

“Whoa!” Ezreal gasped. He took a look at the map, and then another look at the pathway in front of him, “There it is! Nice job Trist, let’s go!”

Tristana grabbed her bag, and her gun and started to walk towards the door along with Ezreal. The moment they set foot in the room, another panel was pressed down, and the whole room began to shake again.

“What’s going on now?!” Tristana asked.

“I-I don’t know!” Ezreal replied.

They turned around and saw a much larger door slowly rising behind them. Inside that door, was a huge bolder that slow began to roll towards them.

“Oh shi-”

“RUN!!” Tristana yelled.

They both began to sprint as fast as they could down the hall. Ezreal took a quick look behind him and saw that the bolder had picked up speed from rolling.

“Tristana! It’s catching up to us!” He yelled out.

“Uhh, Ez?! We have a bigger problem right now!

Ezreal quickly looked at Tristana who was point in front of them. He followed her gaze and saw that they were running into a dead end.

“Oh no! What do we do?!” Ezreal exclaimed.

“Here! Hold then!” Tristana commanded, as she threw him the back pack. She began to load her cannon with a huge cannon ball and stuffed it down the barrel.

They had both stopped in front of the wall, with the bolder only a few meter away from them.

“Come on, Trist! Any time now!” He rushed.

“Alright, ready!” Tristana yelled out as she clicked the cannon.

Quickly, she turned around to the bolder and shot off a huge canon, which exploded the bolder into pieces of rock.

“Whew!” Tristana cheered.

“That was close!” Ezreal laughed.

But the room continued to shake. The ceiling began to crumble above them.

“What’s going on now?!” Tristana screamed.

“Your…Your explosion! It’s causing too much of an after effect!” He explained.

“Wh-what?! Doesn’t that just put us in the same situation as before!?”

“****…” Ezreal thought. He turned around him and placed his hand on the wall, “I’m gonna have to risk it…”

He quickly ran to Tristana and picked her up, along with the bag.

“Ez! What are you doing?!” She asked, holding her gun.

“Just trust me on this one!” He told her.

He took a couple deep breaths and run full speed towards the wall. At the last second, just before they made contact with the wall, there was a flash of light, and they teleported through the wall. From behind them, they heard the room they were in before fall apart. Both of them laid down on the ground gasping for air.

“Oh god…That was almost to close…” Ezreal said.

“Was…was that Arcane Shift? How’d you manage to flash both of us?” Tristana asked, still gasping for air.

“Well…I’ve been practicing…” Ezreal told her as they both got up.

Tristana smiled and said, “Heh…You’ve gotten strong…”

“Well, actually, not really. I mean, I was lucky enough to flash you and me, but I guess it’s just cause you’re really small.”

“WHAT?!” Tristana quickly kicked Ezreal in the shin, and looked away, pouting, “I can’t help being so small.”

“Ow! Jeez, I didn’t mean it in a bad way…Wait…Hold on a second…” Ezreal quickly grabbed the map from the bag, and took a look at it, then back at the room they were in. “We’re…We’re here!”

“Huh? What do you mean, ‘here?’” Tristana questioned.

“This should be the tomb! “ Ezreal answered, “Mejai’s Soulstealer should be here somewhere!”

They looked around the room, but they could not find what they were looking for. Instead, they saw three circles, engraved on the floor, each with a many patterns on them.

“It’s…It’s not here…” Tristana spoke, sounding disappointed. Ezreal, on the other hand, looked at the markings on the ground, with a puzzled look on his face.

“These markings…They look familiar…I think I’ve seen them before.”
After a while of thought, he finally announced, “That’s it! This is the language of the Ancient Runeterra!”

“Ancient…Runeterra? What’s-”

“It’s a dead language now, but it was used a lot back in the olden times. I studied these with my father
back in the day…”

“Alright then, what’s it say?”

“It’s a code…These circles, they tell a story. We have to match them up in the right order to complete the story.”

“Well how do we turn them?”

Ezreal took a moment to look around the room again, this time with focus. He then saw the same three wheels on a small part of the wall. He walked over and slowly turned one of them. At the same time, the wheel that he turned, also turned the circle on the ground.

“I see…This is used to move the signs on the ground. Now all I gotta do is translate this.”

“Can you do it though? It seems a bit hard.”

“Ha! Don’t underestimate me. I can probably do this in five minutes or less!”

With that said, Ezreal began his work. Quietly to himself, he would mumble a few foreign words, and rotate the wheels. Once he turned the final wheel, there was a loud click, and the room began to shake lightly.

“What’s going on? Is it another trap?” Tristana worried.

“No…I solved the puzzle, so it shouldn't be anything dangerous…I think…” Ezreal answered.

At that moment, the ground in the middle of the three circles split in half. For the opening, an altar began to rise. Once it was completely raised, the room had stopped shaking. On the altar, was a book with ancient writing on it. Demonic aura slowly started to form around the altar, coming from the book.

“That’s…That’s it! That’s gotta be Mejai’s Soulstealer!” Ezreal exclaimed.

Both Tristana and Ezreal rushed up to the altar and stared amazed at the book.

“Wow…So it wasn’t just a legend…” Tristana wowed, and started to reach for it.

“Stop!” Ezreal quickly whispered, “Be careful, this is a very dangerous item. If you don’t handle it with care, it just might steal your soul.

“O-oh…Sorry…” Tristana said as she put her hands back down, “How do we move it then?”

“Hmm…Good question…I’m not sure but, let me try this.”

Ezreal slowly began to focus his magical power and surrounded his body with an aura.

“According to the legend, the books would steal the souls of the weak or dead. So, in order to counter this, I guess you gotta protect yourself with your own power.”

“Oh…Wait, are you saying I’m weak?!”

“No, that’s not it. It’s just, you don’t really know any magic like me. And of course, Mejai was a Magician, so it would seem you need magic power to control this book.”

Ezreal slowly began to reach for the book nervously. Even though he had reinsured himself with the facts he said, he was still a little frightened. Both of them stared as the book was slowly removed from the altar. Once it was completely taken off, they both stayed completely still, and waited.

“Whew…That scared me for a second…” Ezreal said as he wiped his forehead, as he handed the book to Tristana

“Yeah,” Tristana replied, taking the book and putting it into her bag, “Thank god nothing-”

Suddenly, the who building began to shake.

“What’s going on now?!” Ezreal screamed.

“I don’t know! It must have been another trap!” Tristana told him

“Another trap, huh? Well…I guess I should’ve expected that.” Ezreal murmured while scratching his head.

“Idiot! Now’s not the time to be saying that! We gotta get outta here!”

“Well…Why don’t you just blow a hole in the wall with one of your Buster Shots?”

“I can’t! I don’t have any of those types left! Why can’t you just use Arcane Shift again?!”

“Uhh…About that…I don’t think I have enough energy left to warp both of us out.”

“HUH?! So your basically saying we’re back in the situation as we were in before?!”

“Hmm…Something along those lines…”

“You idiot! Even though we found Mejai’s Soulstealer, what good is that if we’re gonna end up dead!? Oh, I knew I shouldn’t have snuck out to explore with you. We should have just stayed back in the dig site, and explore the tomb in the morning! But noooooo, I just had to go and let myself get fooled. I-”

Tristana continued to ramble on and on while the building was falling about. Ezreal on the other hand remained calm.

“Alright…Let’s see. How can we make it so that we can both escape without getting hurt…”

He looked around the room, just to see if there was a small crack in the wall, a hole in the ceiling, anything to get Tristana out so that he himself would be able to flash out and have both of them end up being in one piece. Luckily, he found one; although it was way too small for anyone to fit through.

“****. If we could just widened…Huh?”

As the roomed begin to tremor more, the crack also grew bigger. Soon, it spread across the wall, and nearly crumbled it to pieces. The whole wall collapsing created a large dust cloud. Tristana had finally stopped talking and was now covering her face, and coughing.

“What was that?!”

Ezreal (who was also covering his face and coughing) focused his eyes clearly as the smoke died down.

“Wait a sec…Is that…”

Once the smoke was completely gone, they both saw a strange armadillo-like creature standing on all fours, with a huge armored shell on his back. Once everything was done rumbling, the creature stood back up on its hind legs and gave them some kind of strange smile.

“Rammus?!” Ezreal exclaimed, “How?! How did you know we were here?!”

“Who cares!?” Tristana yelled as she ran up and give the creature a huge, “We’re saved!”

Ezreal stood there, dumbfounded, in awe. Finally, he smiled to and shrugged his shoulders.

“Well, I guess we live to die another day.”

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The three had left the tomb, attaining what they had come for.

“Well, it truly was a grand adventure, too bad you didn’t come earlier, Rammy” Ezreal said. He had a strange habit of giving people weird nicknames.

“Yeah. With Rammus there, I’m sure we would’ve had no trouble at all.” Tristana agreed

Rammus made a strange grunting sound that sounded like it was agreeing with them.

“Haha, but still,” Ezreal began, “weren’t you the one who was complaining about coming in the first
place, Trist?”

Tristana’s face grew pink, “W-well that was only because…I was in panic, okay?! Sheesh, you know, people can’t always stay calm in a life or death situation like you!”

“Is that suppose to be an insult or a compliment…” Ezreal wondered.

“Still…” Ezreal stopped to turn around and look back at the humungous building, “I’m glad we were the first ones to explore this. I bet the other guys down in the site are really gonna like this maze.”

Everyone else took a moment to enjoy the sight of the building.

Suddenly, at that moment, the building began to fall apart. It only took a matter of seconds before it was completely destroyed.

All three of them stood there in shock (Except for Rammus of course, because it would be to hard for a human to decipher what he is feeling).

“Ah! Rammus!! Your Tremors were too much of a collision! You actually broke down this thousand year old work of art!” Tristana exclaimed.

Rammus gave another grunt, that sounded different from the first one.

“…God…We’re so screwed…”

“Huh?” Tristana turned to Ezreal. His faced looked like he was turned into stone.

“The director…He’s gonna have my head for this…We’re screwed…It’s over for us…There’s nothing left now…”

“Oh no, he’s like this again. He’s always like this after ever expedition he ruins. Come on Rammus, let’s head back before his condition gets worst.”

Rammus nodded and led them up the hill in the middle of the desert.

“So anyways…Do you have anything that can get us back to the site quicker? Our rides got crushed in
the tomb…” Tristana explained.

Rammus gave out a grunt of approval and pointed up the hill. Once they reached the top, they all saw a wagon with two small seats and an empty part where a horse was normally suppose to push.

Tristana stared at the contraction with almost disbelief.

“L-lemme guess; you’re gonna Power Ball us all the way back to camp in that…”

Rammus gave her a smile, which obviously meant yes.

Tristana sighed, “Well, it works…”

She loaded up her stuff (Along with Ezreal who was still in shock) and they got ready to go. Rammus rolled up in a ball and started to roll down the hill. At first he started off slow, but as he sped down the hill, the wagon began to move faster and faster. Once it was at max speed, Tristana put down her cannon and gave out a big stretch and looked up into the clear blue sky. It was filled with stars when they snuck out. She wondered how long the trip was.

“The people at the camp are probably waking up right now. By the time we get there, they’ll probably already know we were gone…”

She suddenly found herself smiling for some reason. She gave out a small laugh and said, “Aren’t our lives pretty grand?” She asked Ezreal.

“I hate life…There’s no point in living anymore…We’re ruined.”

“HUH?! You’re still going on about that?!”

“What do you mean…How could I just forget…The director…He’s going to fire me, isn’t he…”

Tristana shook her head, “Come on, now! You know the director! Sure he can be a real pain sometimes, but even though you’ve destroyed countless of ancient buildings, he’s never fired you!”

Rather than cheering him up, this made Ezreal remember all the tombs and pyramids that he accidently collapsed.

“Oh god, you’re right…I’m the worst…I should just give up being an explorer. All I do is wreck things. Maybe my career would be better as a demolition man…”

“Ezreal! That’s not what I meant! Look at me for instants. I’m carrying around a big cannon, yet you don’t see my job as a soldier in the army!”

“Yeah…But you use to be…”

“Okay, but that’s not the point. What I’m trying to say is, everyone was destined to do something. And lucky for you and me, we were both destined to be adventurers!”

Ezreal began to nod his head in agreement.

“Yeah…Yeah, you’re right! We are born to be adventurers! I shouldn’t be ashamed just because I took down a few buildings. I’m proud of who I am! I am Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer. Thanks Trist, I really needed that boost!”

Tristana give him a fake smile as he smiled at her. “Why are you thanking me…Those were your words you told me that one time you got drunk because you mistook the alcohol with grape juice. Plus, I’ve used this speech on you like eleven times now. How could you not remember this?!”

“A-anyways, Mejai’s Soulstealer; it really is a rare find for us. I heard a lot of people were after this.” Tristana explained.

“Well, this is gonna disappoint a lot of people then, cause it’s going in the museum.” Ezreal told her.

“…Can I see it?” Tristana asked.

Ezreal nodded, and took out the book from his bag and handed it to her.

“I fused some of my magic into it to nullify the effect of the book for the time being, so it shouldn’t be dangerous to touch.”

Tristana took the book and began to flip through the pages.

“Hmm, I don’t understand any of this. Is this written in Ancient Runeterra?”

Ezreal shook his head, “Not all of it, this book is filled with many different olden languages. Not sure why though.”

“I see…Well, I bet the director will be at least happy to see this.”

“He better, I risked my life just to get it…” Ezreal said, half jokingly.

Tristana smiled and stared at him for a while.

“W-what is it?” He asked, “Is there something on my face?”

Tristana shook her head, “No, I was just thinking about how your dad would’ve been proud of you…”

Ezreal looked back at her surprised. A small smile formed across his face.

“Heh…Dad…I wish he was here to see me now…”

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After a while, they soon arrived back at the camp. By now, everyone was in panic. Ezreal and Tristana were confused, of course, as to what was going on. They walked around a bit until they spotted the director in the middle of the mess.

“Hey! Boss, we’re back!” Ezreal shouted.

The director quickly turned around to him, “Ezreal! You son of a *****, get over here right now!” The man’s face was completely red and he was stomping around furiously.

“Uh-oh…He seems more angry than usual.” Ezreal whispered to Tristana.

“Just go deal with it, I’m sure if you show him the book, he’ll be fine.” She replied.

“I SAID NOW!” The director roared.

Ezreal sighed and slowly walked over.

“Do you have any idea what you’ve done?” The director asked him.

“Uh… I snuck out again?”

“Snuck out again? Don’t you mean you WRECK A THOUSAND YEAR OLD TOMB AGAIN?!”

Ezreal felt as if he shrunk a bit, “O-oh yeah, that too, s-sorry about that…”

“Don’t you ‘sorry’ me! Do you know how long it took to find this tomb?! We were lucky that the desert revealed the tip of it because of the changing winds, but now you go and mess this up for us?! Don’t think I’ll let you off this time with just a sorry!”

“L-listen, I know you’re mad and all, but look!” Ezreal said as he reached into his bag, “The trip wasn’t for nothing, you know…” He then took out the book and showed it to the director. Instantly, he recognized what it was. He gasped at it in awe.


“Here,” Ezreal handed him the book, “It’s the real thing, so I expect it to be in a museum soon.”

Ezreal let the man observe the book in amazement. He knew his boss was really excited about this rare find. He took this moment to his advantage to clear his record.

“Anyways, about my punishment?”

The director took the book and cleared his throat, “W-well…About that…I’ll let it sly, but just this one time…”

Ezreal smiled and nodded. He then turned around and gave Tristana and Rammus thumbs up as he
walked back to them.

“I think the director has a crush on you or something. That’s gotta be at least the 8th time he’s let you
go.” Tristanna laughed.

“Naw, I’m sure it’s the stuff I find for him, that he likes.” Ezreal laughed with her.

“Everyone! Gather around!” The director announced, “Today is a great day! Though we have lost the tomb, we achieved something greater in return!” He held the book up high in the air, “This is the legendary Mejai’s Soulstealer! Founded by none other than Ezreal himself! We’ll have a feast tonight in his honor!”

The whole camp stopped there panicking and all cheered.

“Well, this is a first, don’tcha think?” Ezreal told Tristana.

She simply shrugged, “I guess it’s your lucky day.”

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The day slowly turned to night, in which the dinner party began. The whole camp had torches lit up all around, and a great big bon fire in the middle. Laughter and conversations filled the air, as well as background music. Ezreal, along with his other fellow explorers were having a drink with the Director, as he shared his story. Even Rammus was there to enjoy himself (Seemingly).

“I swear to you! I really didn’t think we’d make it out alive with all those traps set up!” He laughed, with a cup of alcohol in his hand.

“Oh come on Ezreal, quit playing around! We all know you’re the best explorer out there! I’m sure it was all easy for you.” A coworker said.

“No, he’s not lying,” Tristana began, “There actually was one time when I kinda lost it.”

“You? Losing it? Wow, that must have been a great tomb to make even you lost control!” Another coworker exclaimed.

“Shut up, all of you!” The Director yelled, “It probably was a great tomb, and now none of us will never get to try it out because of you!” He started to tear up a bit, “It seemed like such a great tomb, too…”
He sniffed.

“Oh god, it seems like the Director is drunk again…”

“Haha, he doesn’t seem like he’s the only one! Look at Ezreal’s face! It’s redder than the Devil himself!”

Ezreal shook his head, “Ah-ah! Not this time guys, I’m watching how much I drink! I won’t get drunk that easily again!”

They all gave out a big laugh, and toasted to another drink.

“So, Director! When’s our next big adventure?” Ezreal questioned.

“What are you talking about; you just finished something big here. I don’t think they’ll be any adventures soon.” The Director sighed.

“Oh come on, there has to be something! Lost treasure, forgotten kingdom, anything?!”

The Director thought to himself for a moment, “Well, there are a lot out there, it’s just we don’t have a lead on any. But don’t worry, as soon as one comes up, I’ll know who to call right away!”

Ezreal simply sighed and said, “I don’t think I can wait that long…”

“Well then, why don’t I give you an offer.” A voice spoke, eching out through the camp.

Everyone suddenly shot up and alert.

“What was that?!” Someone asked.

“I don’t know! Ezreal answered.

Then, from behind him, everyone began to notice a yellow force of energy spiraling. It grew faster and faster until there was a flash. Everyone blocked their eyes from the light until it clear. Once it was gone, they all saw a man, with purple robes, and a hood almost blocking his face, just standing there.

“Who…Who are you!?” Ezreal asked.

“Relax, I am not an enemy.” The man told them.

“Yeah? Well, you’re not a friend either! So answer the question, who are you?!” Tristana asked, raising her cannon at him (Which she always carried around).

“I am simply a messenger…”

“…Messenger for what?” The Director questioned.

The man in robes looked at the Director for a second, then turned facing Ezreal.

“You have been invited to partake in our tournament we are having.”

“Tournament? What kind of tournament?”

“Well; we call it the League of Legends.”

The Director suddenly gasped at those words. Everyone turned to face him.

“D…Director? Do you know what he’s talking about?” Ezreal asked him.

He hesitated for a moment, while everyone’s eyes were on him. Finally he sighed and told them, “I’ve only heard rumors…But supposedly, it is a competition that’s held every generation, about a week from now; that gathers the most strongest heroes from all over, and have them compete to win the title of ‘The Summoner’. It is a bloody and gruesome war, and many have lost their lives in it.”

“The ‘Summoner’? What’s that?” Tristana wondered.

“No! More like, what do you mean ‘strongest heroes’?!” Ezreal interrupted, “I’m not a hero at all!”

“Oh, that’s not true…” The man said again, “According to my info, you are actually stronger and more powerful then you think.”

Everyone looked back at the man curious.

“What do you mean by that?” One of Ezreal’s coworkers asked.

The man gave out a small grin and asked Ezreal, “Do you know who a man called ‘Doran’ is?”

Ezreal looked around at his friends, but none of them had a clue.

“Doran is the reason why we have these tournaments. He was the Champion of the very first League of Legends. His power was and still is the greatest above all else.”

Ezreal stilled looked at him confused, “So…? What does that have to do with me?”

“…The blood of the great hero Doran, runs through your veins. You are the ancestor of the first


Everyone gasped in shock at this information.

“W-wait?! If Ez really is related to this guy, how come his dad or granddad didn’t hear of this

“They did not posses the power that this boy here has now.” He told her, “Only Ezreal was the one blessed with a hint of Doran’s power; although, he has yet to be aware of it.”

All this was a surprise to Ezreal, he didn’t know how to react to it. He had just found out that he was related to a maybe thousand year old hero that even he doesn’t know of.

“So..What do you say?” The man asked once again, “Well you accept this invitation?”

Ezreal was still too confused to react to this. He was still processing everything is his head.

“Don’t…Don’t screw with us…” Another one of his coworkers blurted out, “Do you really think we’d let you take away Ezreal and put him into some kind of battle where he could lose his life?! What kind of person are you?!”

One by one, all everyone around slowly joined in and agreed. They didn’t want their friend to be taken away to a place where they might not come back.

The man simply gave another smile and raised his hands in the air, “I already told you, I am just a messenger. Now, if they choose to refuse this offer, it is totally fine. But, don’t you think it’s his choice?”

“Well he’s not going!” The Director announced, “Right?” He turned to the him, but he stayed quiet.

The Summoner looked to them and said one last thing, “Look, it’s fine if you guys don’t want to join, but let me tell you this, it’ll be one hell of an adventure if you do. The meeting place for it is located in a small town within Demacia. Hope to see you there.”

And with that said, a blue aura began to circle him. In almost an instant, he warped back to where he came from.

“Shesh, good thing he’s finally gone…” One of the workers said.

“Yeah, I was about this close to kicking his ass!” Another one replied, pinching his fingers together.

“Well. At least he’s gone now…”

The Director turned back to Ezreal. He knew he was probably shocked the most.

“Hey…How you feeling?”

Ezreal didn’t reply. It was then when he realized, that Ezreal was shaking.

“Ez?! Ez are you okay?!” The Director asked, as he grabbed him.

Slowly, a smile formed across his face, “Demacia…That’s the place he said…Right?”

Tristana approached him as she loaded her gun, along with Rammus.

“You’re going, right?”

Ezreal then shoot a look at everyone and said, “Guys! We’re going to join the league!”

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Bump (Any comments or advice to see if I should continue or not ._.?)

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MOOOR PLEASE! I can't stop reading it xD

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Bump and Haha thanks. I have the next chapter ready. I'll post it when more people read >.<!

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Enthralling and very creative. I love the flow of it and appreciate the time you put in to write this. You have a great talent there. I first saw this post and thought the story may be interesting... the more I read, the more I liked it. I look forward to where you are going with this.

Sending this link to some other Rioters to see as well. Fantastic work! keep it up!

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Wow, thank you! That be great if you can get other readers to check this out. I really appreciate it. Stay tune for chapter two coming up soon!