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Let's discuss Sion

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Honestly with a character like Sion, there are so so many different builds you can go with him. Lifesteal, AS, AD, AP, hybrid, etc..

go to http://www.leaguecraft.com, do a champion builder with Sion and find something that you think you'll like... give it a try and if it doesn't work in-game the way you thought it would, try again.

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I play tank/hybrid Sion. 0/24/6 on masteries.


1. Sorc boots (mag. penetration)
2. Guinsoo Rageblade (mix of dmg, attack speed and AP)
3. Haunting Guise (AP, health, mag. penetration)
4. Black Cleaver (dmg, armor reduce per hit; goes great with ulti and guinsoo)
5. Health/Armor/Magic defense (sometimes it's Warmog, Sunfire or Guardian Angel)

4 and 5 sometimes change places, depending whats needed more.

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AP Sion here probably about 200 games as AP.

Pro tips for playing AP sion:

Don't blow your mana. save your stun for kills and saves. If you spam stun/shield combos you will chew through your mana pool in no time flat.

I level shield first (unless there is a really good reason to take stun... ie, you have someone who will def score your team fb on a lvl 1 gank *think shaco*)
taking shield will let you farm and harass at the edge of your creeps or inside their creep line, effectively pushing the enemy right out of their xp zone.

Shield first will also let you be able to solo lane against 2 opponents if you have a jungler on your team. Stick near tower and tank creeps with your shield and pop it to last hit them.

Always control the bushes in your lane. Don't let the other team control the bushes in your lane. You're melee range, so the best way to even up the harassment battle against ranged opponents is to wait in the bushes, and drop a shield blast or stun shield combo on them if they get into stun range. Squishy champs soon get the message.

Learn to preemptively charge your shield, so that you can manually detonate, just after your stun hits. Take ignite/flash for best ambush results.

Don't take your ult till around lvl10. I use it mostly as a tower pushing tool. But don't be afraid to pop it in team fights and melee creeps to heal team between combos. or after a team fight to heal team mates.

Learn to not die. Soul Stealer is a core item, so you have to stay alive. Don't over commit, don't chase (you're slow).

If you get off to a really bad start, buy Mpen items and cooldown reduc items, you can help your team better by throwing more stuns out.

Save your stun for after they initiate. Idiots like Kat will shunpo behind your front line and ult, you need to stun her post haste and drop her.

Core items
Soul stealer

If I'm kicking butt, I'll go sorcs boots
abyssal (if the game lasts this long, you'll be killing squishies in 2 secs and a lich proc)

guardian angels is an excellent item to preserve those stacks.

buy wards.