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Mordekaiser is Broken

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I guess I'm just spoiled from stomping the **** out of lanes in Summoner's Rift :P

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Played Morde a few more times this weekend

Won bottom lane vs. Cass - primarily let minions neutralize, as her damage is over time they had time to chip away, then typical ghost-ult-ignite combo finisher
Won bottom lane vs. Ahri - forced ally to come help, outright lost 1 foolish engagement late game. Superior positioning strategies forced her to either attack me or the minion wave, so she got continually poked and lost ground on minion pushing.
Won bottom lane vs Volibear - outright murdered at lvl4, timely ignite & burst vs his passive
Won? bottom lane vs. Promote Graves - kept forcing him to turret, but kept double KOing each other.

Did get ganked pretty hard later in one game by a Poppy + w/e bot laner, which was unfortunate.

I have yet to fight a legitimate Yorick, Heimer, Singed or Maokai bot.

Play of the weekend was winning a windmill-jungle 4v2 late game engagement paired with duo-queued friend playing Poppy. HueHue'd their Vayne, and pretty just blew them all up.

I don't play Ranked, so certainly a lack of counter-pick ****, but I certainly don't pick him if my own team is too cc-lite.

Typical Setup is 9/21/0 (dat tenacity)
Runes: MS Quint, Armor/lvl yellow, CDR blue, Mpen Red
Revolver start
Mercs or Lucidity

Then situational counter build items:
Randuin - vs. heavy AD
Lichbane - vs mage/magic & reasonable melee reachable enemies
Abyssal - vs mage/magic, ap/magic teammates
Reverie - vs. hyper mobile & in low CDR item build situation
Spellblade - Poor CC lane opponent & Lucidity. Tenacity wasn't necessary until later in the game vs. Mallet/Rylai, etc.
Gunblade - if I've decided to go down the Lichbane path
WotA - mage teammates
FoN - heavy mage/magic team