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I am a fairly new jungler in 5v5 and am starting to absolutely adore jungling with lee sin... so well rounded, very fast, very agile. kinda confused on the best blue runes and quints to get though. so far, armor pen reds and armor yellows. any suggestions on the best rune page possible for a lee sin jungler???

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a generic rune page setup for any jungler would be

9 ATS red runes
9 dmg or ATS blue runes
9 armor yellow runes
3 armor pen quints.

however for lee sin since he has such an awesome passive i would go with
5 attack dmg red 4 armor pen red
either 9 attack dmg blue runes for early game ganks or 9 magic resist per level for late game tankyness
9 armor yellow runes
and either attack speed ,armor pen or attack dmg quints depending on your preferences and how you build

heres an awesome guide you should read for juungle lee sin, you will learn a lot of what to do and what not to do