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Champion Studies and Dossiers 1: Talon

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Champion: Talon
Summoner: Philos Wue "woopyfrood" Phrued
Date: 6th of January, 2012

Welcome, fellow summoners, to the first of my series of short writings on several champions I have summoned, worked with, and observed. Note that I have received explicit permission to write these reports from both the League and the champions themselves. We shall begin with one I have had the pleasure to recently start summoning: Talon.

It is hard to describe work on the field with Talon without describing the mental link between summoner and the summoned, a (most often) highly respected bond. First and foremost, it is the official position of any summoning teacher, and thus the League itself, that there should be nothing withheld in this connection. No thoughts, secrets, or emotions. Of course, it is no secret that this principle is rarely held up in practice, even by the greatest of summoners. It is merely an ideal. The reason is obvious: chaining two beings on such an intimate level as the mind for a purely work-related purpose is difficult and, for lack of a better term, awkward. This is before factoring in barriers such as race, virtues, or countless others.
I mention the problems of the mental link because Talon is an unrepentant, uncaring, unsociable, but not unreasonable, murderer. Not at all like Dr. Mundo or Shaco, who are almost comical in another fashion of psychosis, or like Evelynn who is charming. Talon is a thoughtful, somewhat respectful, but starkly cold individual. Despite all this, he is only indirectly intimidating. Talon is not the sort to scare or threaten, because he does not care about these things. He is a ruthless businessman, focusing on the mark and his survival. He is a gentleman and an animal of assassination. All this makes him a bizarre pleasure and honor to work with.
Back to the summoning bond. When in a mental link with a champion, it is easy to "feel" and classify parts of their psyche, especially if they are parts that are blocked. Likewise, the champion can also do this. (fun fact: beginning summoners receive headaches and nausea from this sensation) Sections of thought or memory that are restricted in this fashion are respectfully left alone, though I wish I could say that was an invariable law. If you really took the time to scour his mind, Talon has little to be secretive about, and that in and of itself can be literally mind-blowing. From his street-urchin thief childhood to his first murder, Kavyn, then to his countless self-defense killings against assassins sent to recruit him, or kill him if he refused. Finally, his quest to find the lost Du Couteau is the most prominent.
Even after all this analysis, I'm unsure of my personal opinion on Talon. Certainly I can't condone the actions of a murderer, but at the same time he is truly a work-oriented man and a survival-oriented being who makes a brilliant partner on the Fields of Justice. I have a definite respect for him, and at the very least, would tell him my knowledge of the Du Couteau disappearance...if I had any.