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Teammate, ill take top im pro

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*dies 3 times in 5minutes* blames team for him dying and rages, raging at its best :O

I think they need harsher punishments for leavers, and i think they also need to make it harder to make smurf accounts OR when someone gets banned they get ip banned so they cant play on the internet connection they are on now, because theres been many matches when attempting to get this account to lvl 30, since i like the name and wanted to make this my new main, that people dont care if they do bad because they are on a smurf accounts.

for a 3vs3 if 1 person doesnt care and plays that way its really hard to play a 2vs3 as all of you may have experienced one point or another and it gets really annoying because it wastes 15mins+ of your time just to lose. or if someone just leaves its also really annoying, if your vsing any decent team with 3 players your going to lose.

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You are a ****ing ****** you are a smurf account too. IP ban wouldn't do anything due to 99% of people being on DHCP unless they wanna ban ur whole IP range which would ban anyone in ur area with same ISP there is no way to effectively IP ban anyone.

Do what I did I stopped letting the random take top no matter what even if he stands top with me telling me to leave because I have never won a single game giving the random top.

Solution to fix all problems put a filter u can enable/disable to match only people within 5 levels of you so you do not face smurfs unless ur a smurf or a noob.